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7 tips to speed up your beard growth



man with beard adjusting his mustaches while standing against grey background

Growing a nice full beard is a goal for many men. Besides the handsome look a beard can give you, it also allows the wearer to appear "more mature". It’s also quite interesting that in some countries, a beard is a symbol of power (e.g. Muslim clerics all around the world all have beards).

It takes time and patience for a full beard to be grown. Individual hair growth rates, testosterone levels and genetics will ultimately determine how fast your beard will grow.

Contrary to popular opinion that the hair on your head grows faster than the beard, I assure you that it is a misconception.

The beard grows faster than the hair on your head, except that the growth is usually delayed by certain hormones that spring to life when one reaches puberty. The two hormones responsible are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The former determines the thickness of beard hairs while the latter determines the density of the beard.


Naturally, growing a beard requires a lot of patience, because it may take time depending on your hormonal response to growing one. Hormones aside, if you’re looking to grow a beard faster than usual, then sit back, relax, and keep reading: Here are 7 foolproof tips that will help speed up your beard growth.

Taking good care of your body

Your beard is a part of your body, and the hormones responsible for the growth are also part of your body. This means that the way you take of your body will determine how fast your beard would grow. So here’s how you should take care of your body to improve beard growth.

By exercising more: Every human needs exercise to keep the body in good shape. Constant exercise reduces stress level, increases blood circulation, and will also help reduce your weight.

By reducing stress: Your body certainly needs rest. A stressed body will find it hard to produce the necessary testosterone needed for beard growth. Not only this, but stress can also reduce the amount of vitamins that is being supplied to the hair follicles.

By eating a balanced diet: Eating the right food in the right proportion will enhance the growth of your beard. The classes of food that I will recommend are;

Protein - Eggs, Fish, Milk, Cheese, and Chicken.

Fresh Fruit - Apples, Pomegranate, Avocado, Limes, Orange, Pineapple, etc.

Green Veggies: Lettuce, Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage, etc.

Nuts: Walnut, Cashew, Almond, etc.

Drink More water

Even when you are not trying to grow your beard, always stay hydrated! Water is like a fuel to our body. The more hydrated you are, the more you will function. The same thing applies to your beard. It needs water to grow faster. If you are the type that does not drink enough water, your beard will grow slowly because lack of water will reduce the flow of blood to your face/chin and other parts of the body. Lack of water in the body will also make the regeneration of your body cells extremely hard.

Bearded man holding a bottle of water.

Don't smoke

Health officials have always warned us about the danger that emanates from constant smoking, but somehow most people never heed to this warning. That being said, if you are hoping to grow your beard faster, you should do away with smoking. Although scientists have not fully unraveled all the effects smoking has on the growth of beard, it will be best if you do away with the cigarette. Smoking reduces the rate at which blood circulates in the body.

A man's fist smashing a bunch of cigarettes

Moisturize your beard

Always keep your beard moisturized at all times. Failure to do this will make the beard look dry and then break off.

Moisturizing your beard won't only make it look fresh, it will also make it grow faster.

There are so many beard oils that can help moisturize your skin and beard for faster growth, but I will personally recommend you get a beard oil that has eucalyptus in it. They make the beard grow faster.

Bearded man holding pippete with beard oil

Condition your beard

It is not only your scalp that you can use shampoo on, it is also advisable that you do the same to your beard. Shampoo and beard conditioner work well together. You can't use one and not use the other, but it’s best that you wash your beard with shampoo first before applying a beard conditioner. Why do all these? The shampoo helps to remove dead skin cells, prevents the growth of ingrown facial hairs, and helps to combat dandruff. After you have applied shampoo, you can now apply a conditioner. Beard Conditioner helps increase the growth of the beard and will also make your beard softer and healthier.

Man washing face in the bathroom

Exfoliate your facial skin and beard

Another factor that can limit the growth of the beard is the presence of dead skin cells on your face. What this does is that it stops the growth of the beard. The best way to Exfoliate your skin is by rinsing your skin/face into warm water for at least once in a week. After doing this, you should then apply beard oil to your beard. A process like this completely removes all the dead skin cells that hamper the growth of the beard.

Micro needling

This process of growing a beard is a bit more advanced than others that I have mentioned. Through the use of the Derma Roller, you can grow your hair and your beard faster. The Derma roller is a tool that has tiny needles (micro needles) that can poke a tiny hole into your scalp or your facial skin. This process stimulates blood circulation that will allow the hormones and hair follicles to receive equal and adequate nutrients, thereby causing rapid growth of your beard.


Your journey to growing a beard won’t be easy and it definitely won’t happen overnight. Even if you decide to use products to boost it’s growth, you still have to be patient, and realistic. Be that as it may, nothing beats the natural process of growing a beard. So try as much as possible to stay clear of the extreme methods of growing beards.

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