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Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide

We have compiled dozens of popular beard, goatee and facial hair styles to help you decide with style is right for you. Not every style will work for every face shape, sometimes we need to visualize what a facial hair style looks like and use it as a framework for your own personal beard style; thus our ultimate beard and facial hair style guide was born!

Stubble Styles

These are easy and basic facial hair styles that typically involve a uniform length of hair (stubble) throughout your facial hair area. We recommend using an electric shaver for these styles as it's the quickest and efficient method for keeping your facial hair length short without shaving it off.

Beard Styles

There are so many different beard styles that it's hard to even attempt to list them all, so we'll try to do just that anyways! Below are dozens of different beard styles for you to consider and try out. Also see our separate sections for mustache only and goatee styles if having a beard doesn't suit you.

Goatee Styles

Goatee's come in lots of different styles too, some have mustaches, some don't. We've listed a little over a dozen different goatee cuts for you to check out.

Mustache Styles

Is having a beard too much facial hair for you? While not as popular as having a full fledged beard amount of facial hair, the right mustache on your face can make a great statement. Check out these fabulous mustache styles that are popular.

Other Styles

Facial hair styles that didn't quite fit into our other sections....