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How to grow and style an A La Souvarov mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to grow and style an A La Souvarov mustache
The A La Souvarov Mustache, a facial hair style

About the A La Souvarov mustache

Named after the Russian General Alexander Suvorov, this facial hair is an eclectic mix of mustache and sideburns.

Sideburns are grown down to about an inch below mouth level, before curling back upwards to join the mustache. There should be no breaks in the hair, and it should appear as one continuous piece of hair joining from both sides of the face.

Who wears the A La Souvarov?

The A La Souvarov mustache is a bold statement. The look works well on men with large, strong facial features. For men with a smaller face and softer features, the A La Souvarov facial hair will look completely out of place.

This facial hair style is not seen often in day to day life. So, the man who proudly displays it must not be afraid to stand out among his peers. It is generally worn by older men who have had some fun experimenting with their facial hair over the years. These men will also possess the skills required to perfect this intricate and detailed look.

How to get the A La Souvarov

This facial hair style requires a decent level of skill to perfect and will take up a deal of your time to style and to maintain.

Like most facial hair styles, it is best to grow out a full beard to begin with. This should take around 6 weeks, depending on the rate of which your facial hair grows. Once the hair has reached a sufficient length, give the face an overall trim. This is not to bring in the shape of the A La Souvaroy, simply to make the hair a uniform length and easier to manage.

Lather the face in shaving foam and use your razor to begin to define the edges of the A La Souvarov. The sideburns should be neat and shaved to a relatively thin width. They should run down to roughly an inch lower than the mouth.

The difficulty with this style comes in the next stage, creating the curved edges that join the mustache. Shave in small increments as this will reduce the chances of making an error. Take your time with this process, regularly stopping to check for symmetry.

Remember, the rest of the face needs to be clearly shaved and maintained regularly.

Maintaining the A La Souvarov

Maintenance of this style can be tricky as symmetry is key.

The rest of the face needs to be kept cleanly shaven at all times including the chin, upper cheeks, and neck. The perimeter of the mustache and sideburns should be sharply defined at all times to keep the look sharp and polished. The hair should be kept at a medium length. It should be trimmed once per week. It does not require a rigorous styling routine, but we recommend using beard oil to keep the hair hydrated and looking great.