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The complete Balbo beard shaving guide > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > The complete Balbo beard shaving guide
Balbo, a facial hair style

The Balbo beard has successfully overcome a bleak past, to say the least, and is now a popular and much loved beard.

The Balbo beard is essentially made up of a mustache, soul patch and extended goatee. Although that sounds a little eccentric and difficult to achieve, it is very popular amongst a wide range of men.

Who is the Balbo For?

Due to the variety of elements, the Balbo beard is hard to achieve at home. It is normally worn by more mature men who are confident with trying new variations of facial hair. We do recommend getting the Balbo shaved in at the barbers, as the many moving parts do leave plenty of room for errors.

The Balbo beard suits a wide range of men but looks particularly good on men with square faces. The elements of the Balbo beard can help soften the features.

How to shave the Balbo beard

As with most facial hair styles, grow out the beard before you begin shaping. We recommend growing your beard out for around 6 weeks before you begin to style the Balbo beard.

Once your hair has reached a decent length, it is time to start bringing in the shape of the Balbo beard. If you are planning to keep your Balbo relatively short, at this point you will want to do an overall trim. This will make the shaving and styling process much smoother and reduce pulling throughout.

Next, use a precision trimmer to carve out the shape of the Balbo. The beard should be about 3cm wide underneath your chin, and curve outwards to around halfway between your chin and your ear. Everything from the end of this hair to the sideburns should be removed.

Then onto the careful process of removing the hair between your bottom lip and the beard. Be sure to leave the soul patch in place, which should remain connected to the beard. However, there should be a clear divide either side of this, creating the definition of the beard.

We think the Balbo looks great with a handlebar mustache, famously the most sophisticated of all mustaches. To achieve this look, use a comb to form a parting in the center of the mustache. Keep the mustache at a relatively long length but use plenty of wax to style it, twisting at the ends to form the iconic handlebar mustache. Sporting a handlebar mustache also helps with creating a defined gap between the mustache and beard.

Maintaining the Balbo beard

As the Balbo beard is made up of 3 distinctive parts, it is a difficult beard to maintain. We recommend regularly visiting your barbers as the patience required to perfect this at home is not possessed by many men.