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Ditching the facial hair – the comeback of the clean-shaven look > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Ditching the facial hair – the comeback of the clean-shaven look
Clean Shaved, lack of a facial hair style

It is clear that facial hair trends fluctuate year on year. Whilst a few years ago, sporting a full beard was popular, more recently heavy stubble enjoyed its turn in the limelight. Even the mutton chops beard is making a comeback for the more adventurous men that walk among us. However, there is an inevitable popularity that lingers around the clean-shaven look, which arguably will never go out of style.

Many men are kissing goodbye to the beard in 2020 and are proud to be fronting the comeback of the clean-shaven face.

Clean Shaved, it's more than just a facial hair style

Although true confidence is required to rock some of our recommended beard styles, there is no rebutting the fact that a clean-shaven man exudes confidence. A beard can alter your look completely and even redefine your face shape. The cleanly shaven look hides nothing. You will be flaunting your open and honest look, with no hair to hide behind.

We are swimming in a sea of studies that relate to what facial hair says about the man. Although these studies yield a range of results, there are clear reoccurring themes for men who choose to go clean shaven. There is a strong correlation between men who sport a clean-shaven face and those who climb further up the corporate ladder.

The pros and cons of a fresh daily shave

There are many benefits to rocking a clean-shaven look. One of them being that this is viewed as the most formal facial hair style. Although many men do rock a corporate beard, some offices still prefer their male colleagues to be clean shaven, and it can be the best option for an interview if you are unsure of the vibe of the workplace.

A big downside to being clean shaven is that it can cause a great deal of skin irritation. Cheap razors will do nothing but irritate your skin and sometimes cause long-term damage. If you are planning to ditch the beard and opt for a clean-shaven look, an investment into a great razor will not be one you regret.

How to achieve a great clean shave

When going for the clean-shaven look, of course you have the option to do a dry shave or a wet shave. Using a shaver is more skin friendly, and you are far less likely to end up with any small cuts on your face. However, wet shaving can be refreshing, much neater and closer.  This is not a huge decision. You are going to be shaving regularly so you can try out both to see which suits your style best.

Use a trimmer to remove any long facial hairs before you begin the shave. Use a shaving cream packed with essential oils will do wonders to reduce irritation.

If you chose the dry electric shaver, use circular motions. Moving the shaver in the direction of the grain initially, and then going against the grain for a closer shave. If you use your free hand to gently pull the skin tighter will make the shaving slightly easier.

Looking after your skin post shave is an essential part of the journey. Use warm water to rinse your face but be sure the water is not hot as this can make the skin puffy. Use an aftershave balm or moisturizer to inject hydration into your skin to reduce the chance of blemishes occurring and leave your skin looking and smelling fantastic.