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How to grow and shape a Ducktail beard > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to grow and shape a Ducktail beard
Ducktail Beard, a Facial Hair Style

There is little explanation needed as to where the ducktail beard name originates from. Simply, the ducktail beard follows the shape of a duck’s tail.

The ducktail beard has been growing in popularity for the past decade, as is firmly making a name for itself in 2020. It usually consists of thin sideburns, which join a thick full beard. The beard is shaped into a point in the middle. The prominence of the thick beard enables the end of the beard to curl upwards slightly, paying homage to its namesake. The ducktail beard is normally accompanied by a mustache, but the style of this is completely personal.

The unique shape of the ducktail beard means that it can completely change the shape of your face. The long, pointed beard works great on men with rounded faces as it elongates the face giving the illusion of a more chiseled appearance.

Trimming and taking care of your Ducktail beard

Because of the unique and intricate nature of the ducktail beard, we would recommend paying a visit to a barber for your first cut. Once a professional has turned his hand to it, you should be able to upkeep your beard relatively easily. However, shaping this beard from scratch by yourself is very difficult and could lead to a disaster.

There are no hard and fast rules with regards to the length or styling of a ducktail beard. However, we recommend that the beard should be at least 2 inches in length for the true ducktail shape to shine through.

Ducktail Beard Upkeep

Because the ducktail beard is quite long, invest in a good quality beard comb. You will notice the difference and your facial hair will thank you for it.

Make sure you are consistently using beard balm and oil. This will prevent the hair from becoming dry, damaged, and unmanageable. It can be difficult to bring you hair back to life from this stage, so the upkeep is well worth the payoff.

Distinctions are obviously drawn between a ducktail beard and a pointed beard. There is a great deal of grooming essential for a ducktail beard. The underneath of the beard is styled which forces the end of the beard to almost point upwards, replicating the shape of a duck’s beard and distinguishing itself from a standard pointed beard.

The faded ducktail

To add a little extra something to your ducktail beard, consider pairing it with a faded beard. A faded beard involves the gradual transition from bald to the full beard point at the end. This is a great option for many men, and especially suits those under 30 years old. The faded ducktail beard looks great when paired with a faded hairstyle on your head. This look will be difficult to upkeep at home, so do not opt for this beard if you are not happy to regularly see the barber.