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Why every man should try a Freestyle mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Why every man should try a Freestyle mustache
The freestyle mustache, a facial hair style

What is a Freestyle mustache?

According to the official rules of the World Beard and Mustache Championships, the Freestyle is a mustache style which does not fit into the specifications of any standard category.

As we are sure you know, there is a huge variety of ‘standard’ mustaches, covering pretty much every design a man could think of. Or so you may have thought.

Take a look at championship winner Aarne Bielefeldt, for an eccentric and unbelievable take on facial hair.  

Why choose the Freestyle mustache?

To sport a great Freestyle, it must be just that, great. A Freestyle mustache needs to be a work of art. It needs to do more than just turn heads. It needs to win competitions.

The Freestyle facial hair is reserved for men that take their beards seriously. It is for men who have experimented greatly and feel they have exhausted the mainstream facial hair styles available to them.

The Freestyle beard means the wearer needs to have a great deal of time dedicated to his facial hair. The enthusiasm and creativity to think of a unique look. The years of experience to learn the skills required to grow such a look. And finally, the time to style and perfect the look every morning.

The Freestyle beard also allows for fun, personality, and excitement to shine through.

What is needed to create the Freestyle mustache?

Along with a great deal of imagination and patience, there are a few essentials every man will need in their kit to perfect each and every Freestyle mustache.

An electric trimmer, sharp razor and small pair of scissors are essential for the Freestyle Mustache. You will need these items in your kit for the chopping and trimming of your mustache. For styling, we recommend purchasing a strong beard wax and beard balm. These two items will allow you to perfect pretty much any style you can imagine.

Additionally, a beard oil and alcohol free skin moisturizer will keep both the skin and hair hydrated; meaning it will both look and smell great.

Most Freestyle mustaches are thick and full, so taking care of the hygiene is of paramount importance Investing in a good quality beard shampoo and conditioner will keep everything hygienic. A good shampoo will also help remove the vast amounts of product required to hold the style in place all day.