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Friendly mutton chops, like mutton chops but with a mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Friendly mutton chops, like mutton chops but with a mustache
Friendly Mutton Chops, a Facial Hair Style

The mutton chops beard offers great versatility and is regularly divided into two branches. Regular mutton chops, and friendly mutton chops. The key difference being that the friendly version comes with the addition of a mustache.

Mutton Chops vs Friendly Mutton Chops

There is not a huge difference between regular mutton chops and friendly mutton chops. However, the ‘friendly’ version is great if you are transitioning into this style of facial hair, and is considered a little more subdued than the original.

Put simply, friendly mutton chops are where your sideburns continue down to your jawline, often sitting wider at the bottom than at the top. They are connected by your mustache, but there should be no hair on your chin.

Friendly mutton chops significantly highlight the jaw line and are great for showing off this area of your face.

If you are not quite on board with full wolverine, and fancy something a little more Lemmy Kilmister, then the friendly mutton chops style may be for you.

How to grow friendly mutton chops

Firstly, you will need to grow out your full beard, which will normally take around 6 weeks or more depending on how fast your facial hair grows.

Before you begin shaving, comb from the very top of your sideburns to your jawline in a downwards motion. This will begin to train the hair to lay in the right direction. If you have thick, dense hair then be sure to use a wide comb which will be much more gentle on your hair, preventing any unnecessary breakages.

Image a vertical line down your chin from either corner of your mouth, and shave everything in the space in between.

As with standard mutton chops, there should be no hair on your neck, nothing below the jawline.

Use good quality trimmers to trim all the remaining facial hair, ensuring any stray hairs are removed.

Friendly mutton chops look great at any length, and slightly longer definitely offers a more striking and bolder look. If you do choose to grow your friendly mutton chops a little longer, then you may find a way to fade into a slightly shorter mustache. This allows you to keep the trendy style without it becoming unruly and disheveled.

Why choose friendly mutton chops

We love the versatility that mutton chops offer. There are no strict rules when it comes to facial hair or mutton chops, and over time you will be able to build your personality into your beard. Style your mustache into a handlebar mustache and leave a soul patch below your bottom lip for a hipster take on friendly mutton chops.

Friendly mutton chops demand a great deal of love and attention, but we believe this time is worth it. Mutton chops, friendly or otherwise, give you a striking appearance that will remain in everyone’s memory for a long time.