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Your guide to styling the full goatee > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Your guide to styling the full goatee
Full Goatee, a facial hair style

The full goatee differs from the classic goatee in the sense that it includes a mustache which curves around the corners of the mouth and joins the chin hair. The full goatee is an extremely popular facial hair style rocked by Dwayne Johnson, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio to name a few.

About the Full Goatee

The goatee is an easy to maintain, versatile facial hair that suits so many face shapes and age ranges. The full goatee is a great place to start if you are just beginning to experiment with your facial hair. For men who do not want the commitment and maintenance of a full beard, a full goatee can be a great option.

The goatee can balance out the proportions of the face and so looks great on men with diamond shaped faces.

The full goatee seamlessly switches between occasions. It can be kept short and styled to appear more formal and could be worn instead of a corporate beard for the office. It also has the ability to look effortless and casual, transitioning easily from day to night.

How to grow the full goatee

As with most facial hair styles, begin by letting your hair grow out for a few weeks. Depending on the length of your goatee, you probably only need to let the hair grow out for around 4 weeks.

To make shaving more manageable, trim all the facial hair to your desired length. Evenly trim the hair on your cheeks, neck, and upper lip. Start with your trimmer on a long length and move down in 0.5mm stages until you reach your desired length. Do not worry about the shape of goatee not being clear at the minute, you are just making the hair more manageable to begin the styling.

It is now time to begin shaving to carve out the iconic goatee shape. Decide where you would like the edges of your goatee to be. This is normally around 1cm wider than your mouth but can be adjusted to whatever look you prefer. Generally, the longer your face is, the wider the hair should be. This will help to balance out the proportions of your face.

Your neck, cheeks and jawline should all be clean shaven. Everything outside the goatee should also be shaved and the edges of the goatee should be precise.

Caring for your full goatee

Now you have the perfect goatee, use an alcohol free moisturizer to hydrate the skin and prevent irritation occurring. Wash your goatee as you would the hair on your head. Using the same shampoo and conditioner will be sufficient for your goatee looking great.

We love how easy the goatee is to upkeep. Trim your goatee and shave everywhere else every couple of days to keep the goatee looking amazing. No difficult styling techniques needed.

Although the full goatee peaked in popularity a few years back, it is still a favorite among many men. We believe this look will never truly go out of fashion due to the versatility of the beard.