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How to trim and style a goat patch > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to trim and style a goat patch
Goat Patch, a facial hair style

The goat patch is the member of the goatee family with the least amount of actual hair. The goat patch is essentially a rectangle of hair running from under the bottom lip to the bottom of your chin.

Who wears the goat patch?

Although the goat patch looks great on most face shapes, it works particularly well on triangle shaped faces as it helps to balance out the proportions. The goat patch is not an overly popularized beard so is great for if you want something a little different from the men among you.

Is it also a great option for men that struggle to grow facial hair or whose beard grows through patchy. This allows you the masculinity of some facial hair without having to worry about patches in a full bead.

How to shave the goat patch

We recommend letting your hair grow out for around 4 weeks before you begin shaving the goat patch. Whilst your facial hair is growing out, take good care of your overall health to encourage thick and healthy hair growth. This includes staying hydrated, eating a protein rich diet, and getting plenty of sleep.

Once your hair has grown suitably long, we recommend using your trimmers to do an all over trim. At this point you do not need to worry about the shape of the goat patch being apparent. This trim is simply to make the later shave more manageable and prevent tugging.

Once your hair is trimmed to a suitable length, it is crucial to use a good quality shaving foam all over your face, this will reduce the risk of you cutting yourself as well as irritation occurring.

The nose is a great guide for the goat patch. Imagine lines down from either side of your nose. The hair between those lines on your chin should be remaining, and everything else should be shaved. So, shave everything from the ears inwards, stopping only at the goat patch.

Your neck should also be completely shaved, as well as the upper lip.

Maintaining the goat patch beard

The goat patch beard is normally kept no longer than 1cm, which keeps it extremely tidy. We recommend trimming the goat patch at least twice per week to keep it looking great.

Also, you are going to need to clean shave the rest of your face often. This means extra care and attention is needed for your skin to keep it looking its best. Wash with warm water before every shave to open the pores, and rinse with cold water afterwards to close them back up. After every shave use an alcohol free moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and looking the best it can.

If you are enjoying the look of the goat patch but fancy something a little different, allowing the hair to grow a little longer means it can easily transition into a Norse Skipper beard.