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How to grow and style a goatee and chin strap combination > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to grow and style a goatee and chin strap combination
Chinstrap & Goatee, a Facial Hair Style

Combining a chin strap with a goatee is an interesting and unique look. It does require a great amount of upkeep, so if you want a low maintenance beard then this will not be the option for you.

The goatee and chin strap is exactly what the name suggests, a facial hair combining two very different styles, but together form something very attractive.

All about the Goatee with Chinstrap Combination Style

Although goatees have always been popular, we are seeing an explosion in the popularity of this facial hair style in 2020. There is a huge amount of variation the style offers, and the chin strap with goatee sums this up perfectly.

This style suits a range of face shapes but probably best to be avoided if you have a very round face. The extra thin chin strap can accentuate the roundness of your face as well as any double chin. Shining light on an area of the face you would probably prefer it did not.

How to trim the goatee and chin strap

Due to the intricate nature of this beard, we recommend visiting a professional barber to trim this style. Although not completely unattainable at home, we think a visit to the barber is for the best.

However, if you want to achieve this style at home, then preparing your face is a very important step. Washing your face with a good quality cleanser and warm water will hydrate the skin and open the pores ready for shaving. This will lead to a more relaxed shave and reduced tugging.

Keep the sideburns intact and define the upper border of your chin strap. We recommend keeping the chin strap a maximum of 1cm. The goatee itself usually sits around 1cm wider than your mouth. However, you can make this either wider or narrower, depending on what compliments your face shape.

All hair on the upper lip should be removed, as well as the hair on the neck. Ensure there is a crisp line signifying the bottom of the chin strap beard, as without this the whole look will begin to look unkempt.

Maintaining the chin strap and goatee combination

We recommend keeping the hair short for this facial hair style. Under half a cm is optimal. Due to this short length, meticulous styling is not required. Simply run a little beard oil through the hair and you will be good to go.

It is important that you keep the chin strap and goatee trimmed and shaved neatly at all times. Due to the unique nature of this facial hair if it is not kept neat it will completely lose its shape.

As you will be shaving often, investing in high quality shaving foam, razors and alcohol free moisturizers will help prevent irritation. They will also keep your face looking, feeling, and smelling great.

Transitioning into other facial hair styles

The beauty of this beard is that it can easily transfer into other facial hair styles. You can simply remove the chin strap to leave a classic goatee. Contrastingly, removing the goatee to leave the simple classic chin strap. Overall, a great beard for the man who likes to experiment.