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How to grow and style the Handlebar and Goatee duo > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to grow and style the Handlebar and Goatee duo
Goatee with Handlebar Moustache, a facial hair style

We discussed in great detail the importance of not having a mustache if you want to rock a classic goatee. Controversially, we are now going to explain how to grow the goatee and handlebar mustache combination and look amazing doing so.

You will struggle to find a more hipster beard than the goatee and handlebar mustache combination.

We love the contrast between the styled, refined handlebar mustache and the thicker more rugged goatee. On paper, this style sounds like it should not work. But in reality, it looks amazing. This facial hair style looks great on a range of face shapes, the nature of the goatee allows you to play around with the shape to ensure it flatters the shape of your face.

Growing the handlebar and goatee combination

Growing out this facial hair style will take time and patience, but we believe the fantastic results are worth it. You will struggle to achieve a great handlebar mustache in less than 3 months, but do not let the wait put you off.

The mustache should be kept longer than the goatee, in order to allow for the handlebar styling. The goatee looks great kept at a shorter length, making it look much neater and more manageable.

Your neck and cheeks should be kept completely hair free, and it is especially important to keep a distinctive gap between the goatee and mustache. Everything below the jawline should be kept clean shaven, and we recommend investing in a top quality shaving foam and razor to make this regular shaving fuss free.

You should keep the beard and mustache completely separate

One reason for keeping the beard and mustache separate is that they require completely different methods of caring for. It is likely different styling products will be needed for the goatee and mustache, resulting in different aftercare for each.

It requires daily styling

For a great looking handlebar mustache, daily styling is required. Wash your facial hair every morning with a good quality beard shampoo and towel dry. Whilst the hair is still damp, comb through the mustache and clearly define the part down the center. Use a beard wax to twist the ends of the mustache, forming the iconic handlebar mustache.

We think the goatee looks great kept short, so that part at least will not require rigorous styling. We still recommend rubbing a little beard oil through the hair daily, to hydrate the hair and prevent it from looking unruly.

It can be changed easily

This beard is a great style for someone who likes to regularly change their facial hair style. You can remove the mustache to leave a classic goatee or remove the goatee to leave an authentic handlebar mustache.