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An iconic combination: The handlebar mustache and chin puff goatee > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > An iconic combination: The handlebar mustache and chin puff goatee
Chin Puff Goatee and Handlebar Mustache , a facial hair style

Most famously worn by actor Mel Gibson, the handlebar and chin puff combination is an iconic facial hair style. Two distinctive facial hair styles combined to form something very impressive.

This beard is great for a man who enjoys spending time on his beard. It will require a decent amount of care and attention. This style particularly suits men with square and diamond shaped faces and we particularly like this look on a more mature face. It is normally worn by a man who has experimented with many facial hair styles.

Perfecting the handlebar mustache

A strong handlebar mustache takes two things: time and patience. The handlebar mustache is masculine yet refined and oozes manly confidence. It is one of the most recognizable facial hair styles and so it is important to give it the respect it deserves.

It is going to take around 3 months before the fruits of your labour begin to prosper. Most men recoil at the thought of having to wait 3 months to see a great handlebar mustache, but we promise you it is worth the wait. From week 6, there should be enough hair on your face to style into a handlebar, but at the 3 month point is when it will truly prosper.

Learning to style your handlebar mustache will take a little time, but once you have it mastered, the daily styling should not take up too much of your morning. Start styling whilst the hair is slightly damp and comb the mustache to create a parting. Then use your fingers to massage wax into the mustache and form the iconic handlebar shape by twisting and twirling the ends.

Growing and trimming the chin puff

Similarly, to the classic goatee, the chin puff normally would not come accompanied by a mustache. But obviously with this eccentric style, it is paired with the classic handlebar mustache.

The chin puff is essentially a bigger and better soul patch and is normally grown to a length of at least 2 inches. The chin puff should not be wider than the mouth but can be as narrow as you like. This style can be tailored into many different shapes; some men chose to sport a diamond shaped beard, but a teardrop also looks great. 

Maintaining the handlebar and chin puff combination

The handlebar and chin puff combination takes a fair amount of maintenance. It is important that everywhere else on your face is shaved closely, otherwise you run the risk of your facial hair losing its shape. Because of this regular shaving, be sure to use a great moisturizer and shaving foam to keep your skin in great condition.

The handlebar mustache needs to be styled every morning and be sure to use a good quality wax for guaranteed hold all day. With regards to the chin puff, regularly comb to prevent tangling occurring, and rub through with oil to keep it hydrated and looking great.