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How to shave the perfect Handlebar mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to shave the perfect Handlebar mustache
Handlebar Mustache, a facial hair style

The gentleman’s mustache. The Handlebar mustache is the facial hair style that immediately springs to mind when we think of a mustache. The style takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of patience to perfect.

What do I need to create the perfect handlebar mustache?

Aside from the mustache itself, the rest of the face is going to be cleanly shaven. Therefore, it is worth investing in an excellent razor and high quality shaving foam. Additionally, you will want a great moisturizer, to keep the skin hydrated and looking great.

For the mustache, you will need a beard comb, and some beard wax for styling. We also recommend using a great beard oil, which will inject some hydration into the hair.

Who wears the Handlebar mustache?

The Handlebar mustache is popular among the more mature man, as well as some millennial hipsters. We think that the Handlebar mustache can be shaped to compliment pretty much any face shape but does look particularly good on men with long faces. The Handlebar helps to balance out the proportions of the face.

To keep the utmost authenticity, the Handlebar should be worn alone, with no other facial hair. However, many men do choose to add some chin hair into the style, and it looks particularly good with either a goatee or a chin puff.

How to get the Handlebar mustache

Although the start of your mustache will begin to show in the initial few weeks, the process of growing the Handlebar mustache can take up to three months. Although this wait can be frustrating at times, we implore you to persevere and trust the process.

Throughout the growing process, be sure to keep the rest of your face cleanly shaven, and regularly wash your mustache with beard shampoo.

As your mustache begins to reach the desired length, use your mustache comb to form a part down the center of the hair, and rub a generous amount of wax through to hold the look in place.

Use wax to twist the ends of the handlebar mustache and curl them upwards. This styling needs to be done after shampooing every morning otherwise the handlebar mustache will completely lose its shape.

The Hungarian Handlebar

For something a little different, consider the Hungarian Handlebar mustache. It is grown exactly the same as the standard Handlebar, but the edges are twisted downwards instead of upwards. A very unique look.

Our final thoughts on the Handlebar mustache

The Handlebar mustache is one of the best facial hair styles available. It is undeniably iconic, and we cannot imagine a time where this style is out of fashion. We believe every man should try the handlebar mustache at least once in their life.