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Your full guide to sporting heavy stubble > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Your full guide to sporting heavy stubble
Heavy Stubble Beard Style

If a 5 o’clock shadow is considered a dusting of hair on your face, then a heavy stubble hits the sweet spot between that and a full beard. Heavy stubble can enhance natural features, creating the impression of a chiseled face and jawline. Heavy stubble can make your overall appearance more masculine and appear more mature.

We love the versatility that a heavy stubble allows, as there are many ways you can style it to compliment your vibe, and your face shape. Heavy stubble makes any man look relaxed yet well groomed. As well as highlighting the areas of the face you want it too.

Various studies have shown that heavy stubble is the most loved style of facial hair by the ladies.

Additionally, heavy stubble works well for men with patchy beards. If your beard is patchy, growing and grooming a mustache and soul patch which are slightly longer than your beard will draw attention away from the beard patches.

It does take a little time to grow thick heavy stubble

We recommend being patient and growing your beard out for at least 10 days. This may take less time or longer, depending on how fast your beard grows. However, the hair should be at least 3cm in length to create the perfect heavy stubble.

Begin to trim the stubble

You will want your stubble trimmer to be between 1 and 3 cm, and the hair should be trimmed evenly. The best technique is to start with the longest setting on your beard trimmer, working the hair shorter each time until you get the perfect length.

Define the borders and shave any stray hairs

This step is essential in ensuring you keep a masculine look without looking unkempt. A beard shaping template can be purchased to reduce the stress and time used when defining the border of your beard.

Otherwise, draw a line from the start of your sideburns to the edge of your mustache. This line should run parallel with you jaw. Everything above this line should be shaved and using a good quality shaving foam will reduce any irritation. Keeping your cheekbones free from any stray hairs will make your overall look much more polished.

Trimming and shaving your neck is an integral step in the process. Your neckline is around the width of two fingers above your Adam’s apple. Everything below this neckline should be completely shaved. Forming a downward oval shape in the neckline will give you heavy stubble a sophisticated and masculine look.

Once shaved, apply moisturizer to keep your skin in optimum condition. Exfoliating prior to shaving can also reduce any possible inflammation.

Maintaining your heavy stubble

Regularly trimming the stubble, as well as shaving the borders, will keep your heavy stubble looking great. Using a beard oil packed with essential oils will allow your stubble to remain soft and smell amazing. If you have particularly dry and rough hair, you may want to purchase a stubble softener. Which can be used daily to keep your facial hair healthy and the skin beneath it in perfect condition.

Heavy stubble instructional video