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Pairing the Horseshoe Mustache with a soul patch. > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Pairing the Horseshoe Mustache with a soul patch.
Horseshoe Mustache & Soul Patch, a facial hair style

Worn famously by Johnny Depp, the combination of a Horseshoe mustache and a soul patch is an eye-catching facial hair.

Although the horseshoe mustache was once synonymous with tough guys only, it now offers a great amount of flexibility. The modern horseshoe mustache does not need to extend all the way to the bottom of the face and can be tailored to suit your preferences and your face shape. Adding the soul patch to the Horseshoe mustache elevates the whole look.

Who wears the Horseshoe mustache?

Let us be honest, the first thing that springs to the minds of many people when they think of the Horseshoe mustache is Hulk Hogan. The Horseshoe mustache is for the man who likes to stand out in the crowd.

The Horseshoe mustache is great for men with triangle faces. The shape of the mustache helps draw attention from the pointed chin and evens out the proportions of the face. The horseshoe mustache is probably not acceptable in most office situations, so if you work in the corporate world then you are best to steer clear of this look.

How to get the Horseshoe and Soul Patch combination

Like most facial hair styles, the place to start is to grow out a full beard. There are many things you can do to encourage thick and healthy hair growth such as staying hydrated, a solid exercise routine and getting plenty of sleep.

We then recommend trimming the areas you are going to be shaving. Including the cheeks and the area just below the bottom lip. Once some of the thickness has been removed, lather the cheeks with top quality shaving foam and begin shaving these areas.

The width of the handlebars is completely up to you. We think they look great when kept pretty wide, which makes the whole aesthetic even more striking. Be sure to carefully shave the chin, keeping the soul patch intact. It can be difficult at first to make the distinction between where the edge of the soul patch ends, and the mustache begins.

Do not feel as though you have to run the edges of the Horseshoe right to the bottom of your chin. Many more modern takes on the horseshoe actually have much shorter edges.

Be sure to keep the neck and cleanly shaven.

Maintaining and styling the Horseshoe and Soul Patch

This facial hair style requires regular, but not strenuous upkeep. Keeping the cheeks and neck shaved every few days as well as the mustache and soul patch trimmed.

If you decide to keep the mustache slightly longer in length, you may prefer to use a beard balm to style and hold the hair in place. Whereas if the facial hair is being kept at a shorter length, a beard oil will be sufficient to keep it looking great all day long. Although traditionally an upside down Horseshoe shape is thought to represent bad luck – we will leave it to the Horseshoe beard veterans to comment on that.