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How to grow and care for a Hulihee Beard > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to grow and care for a Hulihee Beard
Hulihee Beard, a facial hair style

The Hulihee beard, part of the mutton chops brotherhood, is not for the faint hearted.

Hulihee beard origins

The Hulihee beard originates from Hawaii and consists of very voluminous mutton chops, paired with a tamed mustache and a shaved chin. This facial hair is bold, daring and exudes confidence. This style is for men who are confident in the way they look and are not afraid to show it.

We love how this style takes mutton chops to the next level, allowing you to express your personality even further. 

This beard particularly suits oval shaped faces. The oval shaped faces guys are lucky, pretty much every single beard looks great on them, and the Hulihee is no exception. 

How to grow a Hulihee Beard

For this style, most men start with either a full beard, or mutton chops. Either way, your facial hair needs to have some decent length to it and plenty of volume. So, grow your facial hair for at least 4 weeks before you even attempt to start shaping this iconic style.

Before beginning the shave, wash your face with warm water to open the pores and hydrate the hair, making it in optimal condition for shaving. We recommend applying a good quality shaving foam using a shaving brush, which will enable you to apply a thick layer of foam for a great shave. Remember, the only areas that should be clean shaven are your chin and your neck.

If you are starting with a full beard, you will first need to remove the hair from your chin. Imagine two lines vertically down your chin from either side of your mouth. Everything between these two lines should be shaved. It is likely you are going to be removing quite a bit of hair at this point so having a good trim prior to shaving will help prevent skin irritation or a difficult shave.

As well as the chin hair, all hair below the neckline should be removed. Removing the hair from your neck will make your overall look much more polished and drastically improve the overall look. Leaving this hair can lead to you looking unkempt and the whole beard looking a little out of control.

Hulihee Facial Hair Styling & Care

The key to a successful Hulihee beard is all in the styling. Most men chose to brush the hair down which gives a slightly more tame and neater look. If you want to go for something flamboyant, then brush the hair up. This is an adventurous style but can look great when carefully styled with a top-quality beard balm. You certainly will not be unnoticed going anywhere with this facial hair style.

As with all facial hair styles, taking great care of it is integral. Condition your beard regularly to keep your hair in the best condition. A beard oil packed with essential oils is crucial, as it will keep your hair and skin hydrated and looking the best it possibly can.