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How to style the famous Jack Sparrow beard > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to style the famous Jack Sparrow beard
Jack Sparrow Beard, a facial hair style

There is no other facial hair that comes remotely close to what the Jack Sparrow’s beard has to offer. Without doubt, the Jack Sparrow beard is the most iconic facial hair to come from a movie franchise.

If you are planning to rock a Jack Sparrow beard, then you are the type of man who does not care what face shape the beard suits. You will own the beard and turn heads in every room you walk into. The Jack Sparrow beard is for men who do not follow the status quo. For men who do exactly as they choose, and do not pander to the opinions of others.

What is a Jack Sparrow beard?

If you are not familiar with the movies, the Jack Sparrow beard is a mustache, soul patch and chin strap. As well as two iconic braided whiskers.

The Jack Sparrow beard has lots of technical elements but have some fun playing around with it. Unsurprisingly, there is no Pirates of the Caribbean facial hair rule book, so have fun injecting even more personality into this beard – should that be possible.

How to grow a Jack Sparrow beard

You are going to need to let your beard reach a decent length otherwise braiding will be near impossible. You could either let a full beard grow out, or shape as you go.

We usually recommend letting the beard grow out first, as shaping as you go can often lead to mistakes. However, due to the unique nature of this beard, once the hair is between 1-2 inches you can start trimming, shaving, and styling.  The braids should ideally be around 5 inches from the bottom of your chin.

You will need to shave your cheeks, removing your sideburns and all the hair down to the jawline. Be careful not to touch your mustache at this point. The mustache should be allowed to grow beyond the corners of your mouth, but the ends of the mustache should be disconnected from the hair on your chin.

You can take control over the neckline. Whilst Johnny Depp allows the beard to grow down the neck, you are welcome to trim the neck hair for a more defined look.

You will then need to carve out a soul patch, ideally into a triangle shape down towards your chin. Pointing the way for admirers to see your amazing braids, if they had not noticed already.

Take the remaining hair on your chin and part into two strands and braid the hair. This can be fastened with either clear elastic bands, or beads if you are feeling extra adventurous.

Maintaining the Jack Sparrow beard

As you can see, the Jack Sparrow beard consists of a range of elements. The beard needs to be regularly trimmed, keeping the mustache, cheeks, and sideburns in check. The Jack Sparrow beard is a playful, adventurous style as it is suitable for people who enjoy being the center of attention.