How to grow and maintain perfect light beard stubble

Light Stubble Beard Style

Stubble, normally one step longer than the 5 o’clock shadow, is all about striking a balance between a clean shave, and a full beard. The perfect option if you want the presence and masculinity of a full beard without the work.

In 1984, Gillette offered ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill $1 Million to shave off their beards as part of a marketing campaign. Although a staggering $2 million in today’s money, it was not worth it for the pain of seeing themselves in the mirror clean shaven!

The duo turned down the cash, in favor of rocking a beard which has been the envy of many men, for many years. Although a light beard stubble is not quite the same as the magnificent beards the pair refused to part with, it signifies the importance men put on their facial hair.

Taming and perfecting your short beard stubble eliminates the daily chore of a full shave. Although the short beard stubble emerged into the public eye in the 1980’s, it is now popular and accepted in the workplace, with more millennials opting for this than those choosing to go clean shaven.

Taming and crafting your stubble can take a little effort at first, but the rewards are worth it. Beard stubble can be used to hide imperfections, as well as being kinder on the skin than regular shaving. Additionally, it matures and shapes the face giving a refined look.

Light stubble works well on most face shapes but is particularly flattering on round faces.

How to get a light stubble beard

It will be a learning process

Although you are probably aware of how quickly your hair grows, deciding what length you want your stubble can be a trial and error process. Invest in a great beard trimmer, which will enable you to trim in increments, getting shorter and shorter until you reach the perfect length.

The pro to working like this is when you inevitably realize you have gone a millimetre too short; you will only have a day or two to wait until it is back at its optimum.

Some men prefer to leave the mustache slightly longer and thicker than the beard stubble. But it is imperative that the neck is clean shaven, so the rugged effect still appears somewhat slick.

The color of your beard is important

If you have lighter colored hair, you will want to grow the stubble longer than if you have darker hair. In some instances, if your hair is light, the stubble can appear to not exist at all. If you have particularly dark hair, you will look great with an even shorter stubble.

Take care of your stubble

Even the smallest and shortest of beards need looking after. In fact, as the hairs are short, and often sharp, they may even take a little more care to ensure the hair is soft. There are a vast range of oils on the market, which will inject nutrients and hydration into the skin. Keeping the stubble regularly trimmed and in great condition is very important. If the stubble becomes unruly and wild, you run the risk of appearing as if you are trying, and failing, to grow a full beard.

Light stubble how to video

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