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How to choose the perfect long sideburn style > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to choose the perfect long sideburn style
Long Sideburns, a facial hair style

Sideburns epitomize versatility. For the man who does not want to sport a huge amount of facial hair, sideburns can be a great option. They require relatively little upkeep and can be styled and shaped to look polished and sleek, or left to grow out to create a rugged and edgy look.

There is no particular face shape that sideburns suit better. Due to the flexibility of the sideburn, you can tailor and shape them to emphasize the areas of the face you want to accentuate. For example, long, thin sideburns are great to elongate the face, so perfect for men with more round faces.

Who are sideburns good for?

Sideburns are a great option for the man who wants to add masculinity to his face but does not want the hassle of a full beard.

Famously, Elvis Presley was a huge fan of the sideburns, which inevitably boosted their popularity. Sideburns are embedded in rich history, dating back as long as time, with a plethora of shapes and styles sported by a range of men.

We would go as far as to say every man should have some form of sideburn. Whatever hairstyle you have, there is a sideburn style to compliment your look.

How to decide on the length of your sideburns

Sideburns come in a range of shapes and sizes. Short sideburns usually reach just below the top of the ear. Long sideburns reach down to the bottom of the ear but can stretch to the bottom of the face where the mutton chops get involved.

When deciding what length to trim the sideburns to, it is important to take your face shape into account. Generally, the longer the face, the shorter the sideburn should be.

The width of your sideburn should generally sit how it grows naturally. It is likely that this is the width that compliments your face's shape the best. So, although this may require a little neatening up, you should not have to spend too much time tinkering with the width.

Another factor to consider is your job. Although the corporate beard is growing in popularity, many offices still prefer men to be clean shaven. If this is the case, mutton chops and long sideburns are not an option. But neat, short sideburns can be a great way to sport a little facial hair whilst keeping your professional look.

If you are looking for something fun and modern, consider the tapered sideburn. Tapered sideburns create a faded look by gradually adding a variance to the hair length. So, the thickest hair will be closer to the temples, fading as the hair travels towards the bottom of the ear. If you have patchy hair growth, then a tapered look is brilliant at disguising this. Just be sure to regularly see your barber as this is a hard look to perfect at home.

Top tip for trimming your sideburns

Never use your ears as a guide for how long your sideburns should be. Ears are rarely ever symmetrical and so using them as a guide will lead to uneven sideburns. Instead, judge your sideburns against a central facial feature such as your nose or mouth.