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Mutton chops beard, everything you need to know > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Mutton chops beard, everything you need to know

Undoubtedly, the first thing that springs to mind when anyone thinks of the mutton chop beard is Wolverine. A unique but well-loved style of facial hair which allows your personality to shine through. Often the sideburns can be unappreciated, but this timeless style does quite the opposite.

A style which is not for the faint hearted.

The mutton chop beard connects facial hair from your jawline to your sideburns and offers great versatility with regards to styling. Some men decide to couple mutton chops with a mustache for a tamer look, whereas others remove the mustache for a more striking appearance.

Mutton chops are often divided into two categories. Regular mutton chops, and friendly mutton chops. The regular style mutton chops do not feature chin hair or a mustache and are much bolder.

Mutton chops were extremely popular in the 19th century but have remained favorites throughout the generations.  Their striking appearance appeals to men who are secure and confident in the way they look.

Sideburns generally reach the corners of the mouth, but do not connect at the chin. There are countless styles you can achieve with the mutton chop beard, but this does not mean it is a difficult style to achieve.

How to grow the perfect mutton chops

You are initially going to want to grow out a full beard. This can take around 6 weeks or maybe a little longer depending on how fast your facial hair grows.

Some men do try to style the mutton chops as they grow, but we know the best way is to let the whole beard grow out before you start to chop away. Styling as the hair grows means it is much more likely you will make a mistake and your face will begin to look unsymmetrical.

Shaping the Mutton Chops

You will need to invest in a decent razor, for the neck and chin. As well as a trimmer, to keep the beard itself tidy.

Regardless of the shape or style of your mutton chops, the first step is to cleanly shave your chin and neck. Shaving the chin and neck makes the overall look much cleaner and tidier, as well as bringing emphasis to the chops. 

It is likely that after 6 weeks of growth the mutton chops are a little unruly and many stray hairs will have appeared. Trim your sideburns, starting at a length longer than the one you desire and work incrementally. Generally, men choose to leave the mutton chop wider at the bottom than it is at the top, but this is a personal choice so have some fun finding your style!

Symmetry is crucial with this facial hair, so trim in small stages, assessing your look frequently.

Mutton Chops Maintenance

Mutton chops are a distinctive facial hair style with a great amount of versatility. Once you have developed the right style for you, keep them neat by trimming away and stray hairs every 1-2 days.

Use beard oils and waxes to keep the hair in hydrated and looking great.

Mutton chops are the facial hair style for men who are not afraid to show their personality. For men who will be seen and are not afraid to stand out in a crowd.