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Growing and styling the Petite Handlebar mustache. > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Growing and styling the Petite Handlebar mustache.
Petite Handlebar Mustache, a facial hair style

The Petite handlebar, as the name suggests, is the shorter version of the Handlebar mustache. The size of the mustache may be smaller, but the sophistication and style this facial hair exudes is just as powerful.

Although the Petite Handlebar keeps the same shape and style as the full Handlebar, it generally only reaches about 1cm wider than the nose.

Who wears the Petite Handlebar mustache?

The Petite Handlebar mustache is generally worn by the more mature men around us. You will rarely see a young man sporting this look. It is however a formal and sophisticated look which is accepted in many offices. So, if you do not feel like sporting a corporate beard, this could be another option which allows you to wear a little facial hair in the business world.

Like most beards and mustache styles, the petite mustache looks particularly great on men with oval shaped faces. However, we actually think the look suits pretty much every face shape.

How to grow the Petite Handlebar mustache

The key to the success of the Petite Handlebar is trusting the growing process. Although much smaller than the full Handlebar, the growing out process will still take a few weeks. This is because a great Petite Handlebar still has a great deal of volume and thickness.

Whilst you are growing out this mustache, keep everywhere else on the face cleanly shaven and well looked after. Use alcohol free moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

Styling the Petite Handlebar mustache

Although the Petite Handlebar is much smaller than the full Handlebar, it still requires a large amount of styling. Use your mustache comb whilst your hair is still damp, to create a parting down the center and brush the hair outwards. Regularly doing this will train the hair to sit as you like.

It is important that you invest in a good quality mustache wax which will hold the mustache in place all day long. Run the wax through the hair twisting upwards at the ends to form the iconic Handlebar shape.

Pairing the Petite Handlebar with a beard

We think the Petite Handlebar mustache looks best with no other hair on the face, however some men choose to pair it with a beard. If you are going to rock a beard, make sure it is something that is well looked after and neat. We think the Verdi beard looks particularly interesting when paired with the Petite Handlebar. Keep the look sophisticated by ensuring you regularly trim and oil the beard.