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Soul Patch: Small facial hair with big personality > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Soul Patch: Small facial hair with big personality
Soul Patch Goatee, a facial hair style

In its truest form, the soul patch is a small, neat piece of hair just under the bottom lip. There should be no other hair on the face.

History of the Soul Patch

The soul patch was born as the Dizzy Gillespie Beard, popularized in the 40’s and 50’s by the jazz musician. The Soul Patch then spent a lengthy time in hibernation before its reincarnation by Luke Perry in Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 90’s. 

There is a great amount of research that shows the soul patch is not exactly a favorite among the ladies; to say the least. Sporting a soul patch shows you have little care for how others perceive you. You are going to rock the style you love regardless of what they say.

The soul patch suits a huge variety of different face shapes. It is amazing how this small amount of hair can have such a drastic effect on the face. Particularly for men with very round faces, the soul patch can help to create the illusion of a longer, more oblong face.

Consider the color of your hair

If you have thicker, darker hair then your soul patch will be more prominent. However, if you have much lighter facial hair then a soul patch may look a little lost on your face. Teaming the soul patch with a mustache can look great on blonder men, adding a little more prominence and definition to the facial hair.

How to shape the soul patch

If you are sporting the soul patch in its most pure form, with no other hair on the face, then be sure to take great care of your skin. You should treat your skin with the same love you would if you were going to be completely clean shaven.

We recommend starting with a beard that is at least 1 cm in length. Use your trimmer to define the contours of the soul patch, and then shave everywhere else. Use your razor to neaten up the edges of the soul patch afterwards.

We recommend investing in a great razor and using an excellent beard brush to apply a thick lather of shaving foam before every shave. Be sure to also take great care of your neck, generously applying shaving foam there also, as well as moisturizing well after each shave. Locking in this moisture will keep your skin looking and feeling amazing.

We think the soul patch looks best in a rectangle shape, but many men chose to rock a triangle shaped soul patch beard.

Maintaining the soul patch

The soul patch is not a difficult beard to maintain. Simply use your trimmers every few days to keep the soul patch short and neat. Combined with regularly shaving the rest of your face, this is a frequent but not strenuous upkeep.