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How to get the perfect Anchor beard > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to get the perfect Anchor beard
Anchor Goatee, a facial hair style

The Anchor beard gets its name for obvious reasons and is a very intricate beard to perfect. This facial hair consists of a handlebar mustache, a soul patch, and a chin strap beard.

This style was popular in the early 19th century but has seen a huge resurgence thanks to Robert Downey Jr fashioning the look in the Avengers: Endgame.

Who wears the Anchor beard?

The Anchor beard is perfect for someone who likes to dedicate a lot of time to their facial hair. The numerous elements of the beard mean it can be a tricky and time consuming style to perfect. The Anchor beard is very similar to the Balboa beard in many ways, except this style is generally kept a little shorter and neater. 

This style suits a wide range of face shapes but looks especially good on men with square faces. The anchor shape can help soften the features and harsh lines on the face.

The Anchor beard should be kept at a short length and very neat. This makes the look polished and formal and may even be a contender with the corporate beard for the best style to rock in the office.

How to shape the Anchor beard

As with pretty much every facial hair style, begin by growing out a full beard. Due to the short nature of the Anchor beard, do not worry about the beard hair being long, it just needs to be a full beard in great condition to form the base of which you will begin to shape. Around 4 weeks of growth is probably sufficient to shape a great anchor beard.

Start by using your electric trimmer to trim all the facial hair to a manageable length. Do not be concerned with the shape of the anchor beard becoming prominent at this time, this stage is simply to make the shape easier to form later.

You should then use your trimmer to define the bottom of the chin strap, which will usually run along the jaw. Everything below this line should be shaved neatly.

Now it is time to define the soul patch. Remember, the soul patch and chin strap beard should be connected. So, shave the whiskers from either corner of your lips down to the top of the chin strap. This should leave a thin line of hair running down the middle and connecting to the beard.

Shave your cheeks closely, defining the upper border of the chin strap to leave it very neat and sharp.

Use your beard brush to form a part in the center of your mustache. Brush the mustache outwards either way, and use beard wax to hold it in place, curling the edges of the mustache upwards if you prefer.

Maintaining the Anchor beard takes hard work and commitment. The face needs to be regularly shaved and the hair should be trimmed often.

Final thoughts on the Anchor beard

This beard takes a great deal of time and attention, but we think it is well worth it. The shape looks masculine and refined, transitioning perfectly from day to night.