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The Beardstache, a facial hair style

About the Beardstache

The Beardsatche shot to fame in 2019 and has continued to grow in popularity throughout 2020. It is a combination of a well-defined mustache, such as a Chevron or Walrus, paired with a heavy stubble covering the rest of the face.

Although still considered somewhat of an ‘in-between’ look by some men, we believe the Beardstache now falls into a category all of its own but for our categorization, we'll call it a mustache because that's what defines it. And we love it.

This style definitely requires strong hair growth on the upper lip. But the Beardstache is a great option for the man who has patchy hair growth on the rest of the face. The stubble can disguise any balder patches, due to its rugged nature.

The Beardstache is a great option for the man who likes to play around with his look. It relieves you from the pain of committing to one particular style and allows your personality to shine through.

What face shape suits the Beardstache?

The Beardstache emphasizes a strong jawline, so looks great on guys with square shaped faces. In contrast, men with rounded faces should avoid this look as it can emphasize the width of the face.

This style seems to have been taken over by men in their 20’s and 30’s, however we do not see any reason why the more mature man could not rock this look. 

How to grow the Beardstache

There are two choices you have when deciding to grow a Beardstache.

The first is to grow out a full beard, then trim back the rest of the facial hair, bringing in the shape of your mustache at this point.

This is the better option if you are going for a very heavy mustache such as a horseshoe. We recommend growing your facial hair out for 6-8 weeks before using your trimmers to trim down the stubble, revealing the shape of the mustache as you work.

Alternatively, you can grow out the mustache, keeping the stubble trimmed throughout.

There is an uncomfortable period choosing this method. The weeks 3-6 where the long stubble is clear, yet the mustache is not yet defined. However, this is a much easier way to perfect the mustache and requires a small amount of daily trimming to ensure the mustache takes shape perfectly. 

Styling the Beardstache

The Beardstache does not require a detailed or time consuming styling regime. We recommend simply running a small amount of beard wax through the mustache, depending on the style you have chosen. This will help to hold the hair in place throughout the day.

Additionally, apply a very small amount of beard oil and rub throughout the stubble. This will keep the hair healthy and hydrated. It will also help to reduce irritation through, what can be, an itchy growing process.

Final thoughts on the Beardstache

Although the Beardstache clearly still has some doubters, we love it. We adore the flexibility it offers, the playfulness and the masculinity. A great look for a wide range of men.