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How to shave and style the Brett beard > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to shave and style the Brett beard
The Brett Beard, a facial hair style

The Brett beard is the combination of two very simple facial hair styles. The chin strap, and the soul patch. However, the origins of the Brett beard remain a mystery to this day.

Who the Brett Beard is for

This is a great beard for someone who is looking for a style that is a little different. The distinctive mix of two beards creates a unique look that is not overly popularized. This beard works great on men with round faces as the chin strap helps define the jaw, creating a deceptively chiseled face. The soul patch also draws attention to the chin, balancing the face shape.

We think the Brett beard looks great when kept short, but the unique nature of the beard allows plenty of flexibility for you to play around with the length.

Whoever and wherever Brett is, we are sure he will be more than happy with us experimenting with the style.

How to style the Brett Beard

As the beard looks great at a short length, you do not need to let the beard grow out for very long before you begin to style. Once you have reached your desired length, start by giving yourself a nice even trim, do not worry about bringing in the Brett shape at this point. We think 5mm is a great length for the Brett beard.

You can then start to bring in the chin strap. This is a border of hair that runs along your jawline, right from one ear to the other. We recommend keeping the chin strap between 2-3 cm wide. Whilst you are defining the chin strap be sure not to touch the hair below your lip.

It is now time to neaten up the soul patch. You can have some fun deciding on the width of the soul patch. It looks great shaved pretty narrow.

It is important that the chin strap and the sideburns do not connect, there should be a gap of at least 1cm between the two.

Once you have defined the edges of your Brett beard, lather the areas that will be shaved with a good quality shaving foam. Be sure to cleanly shave the cheeks, upper lip, and neck to make the Brett beard pop. It is important to ensure the neck is cleanly shaven, otherwise the beard will become a little wild, and the Brett Beard will lose its shape. 

Upkeep for the Brett Beard

As we recommend keeping the Brett beard at a length no longer than 5mm. The short length of the beard means it does not require meticulous styling and is therefore relatively low maintenance.

As you will be shaving regularly, be sure to use an alcohol free moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and looking the best it possibly can.

So, we might not know where the name comes from, or who Brett is for that matter, but we do know this is a great facial hair style.