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The Cantinflas, a facial hair style

The Cantinflas mustache – who and why?

The Cantinflas mustache is one of the most unusual facial hair styles a man can wear. To call it a mustache is actually far from the truth, as the Cantinflas is simply two small amounts of hair on the outer corners of the mouth.

The style was made famous by the Mexican actor and comedian, Mario Moreno.

The Cantinflas, as you may well know, is not a hugely popular facial hair style but is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

Who wears a Cantinflas mustache?

Very few men, to be completely honest.

The Cantinflas mustache complements the shape of a triangular face. However, its distinctive and unusual look means that in reality, most men will not be considering their face shape when they decide whether or not to rock a Cantinflas mustache.

The unique nature of this facial hair means it will more than likely not be acceptable in the corporate world. So, the nature of your job most definitely needs to be considered when you are thinking about this facial hair style.

This is a facial hair style reserved for adventurous men who feel they have exhausted many other beard styles.

How to get the Cantinflas mustache.

The Cantinflas facial hair is not a difficult style to perfect and does not require a lengthy growing out process.

Ensure everywhere else on your face is cleanly shaven but allow two small patches above the corners of your mouth to grow out. About 3 weeks of growth should have the hair at a sufficient length. This hair should be trimmed into a triangular shape, pointing towards the nose.

Alternatively, you could allow yourself to grow a full mustache, and once achieved, trim into the Cantinflas mustache. This could be done simply with your razor, removing the center of the mustache.

The hair should be held at a relatively short length, so will need to be regularly trimmed. You do not need any fancy styling products, but we do recommend rubbing a small amount of beard oil through the hair to keep it hydrated.

Taking care of your skin.

Whilst wearing the Cantinflas mustache, you are shaving everywhere but a small section of your face. This means it is imperative you take great care of your skin.

Ensuring you use a great quality shaving foam will help reduce the amount of irritation as well as reduce the chances of any shaving cuts or nicks. Additionally, be sure to use an alcohol free moisturizer every morning. This will keep the skin looking, smelling, and feeling great.

Final thoughts on the Cantinflas mustache.

The Cantinflas is an unusual, out of the box, but fun facial hair style. If you love being the joker and standing out in a crowd, then we see no reason why you should not give the Cantiflas style a try.

This style is rarely seen these days, so be prepared to turn a few heads if you do give the style a try.