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How to grow the Chevron mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to grow the Chevron mustache
Chevron Mustache, a facial hair style

It is impossible not to think of Freddie Mercury when we think of the Chevron mustache. The Chevron mustache is a full, thick mustache on the upper lip. It generally sits just wider than the corners of the mouth and has a slight upside down V shape.

Who wears the Chevron mustache?

This facial hair style is timeless and has been popular throughout the decades. It is popular with men from all age ranges and manages to suit pretty much every face shape.

The style requires regular, but not difficult upkeep. So, it is great for the man starting out on his facial hair journey. This is a bold and masculine look, great for someone who wants a heavy and full beard, without the commitment of a full Walrus mustache.

How to get the Chevron mustache

The Chevron mustache does not require intricate styling. It is a masculine look which looks better kept on the more rugged side. We recommend brushing through a little beard oil to keep the hair looking healthy and hydrated, but otherwise let the hair sit naturally.

The Chevron mustache with other facial hair

As with most facial hair styles, the key is to have patience and let the mustache grow out. It will probably take around 12 weeks of growth until the shape of the Chevron has come into fruition. Some men prefer to grow a beard out at the same time, and then shave in the Chevron. Others choose to shave the cheeks, neck and chin and allow the mustache to grow out on its own.

When shaping the style, pay particular attention to creating the angled, Chevron shape. Comb the hair downwards, and trim short amounts of the hair at a time. Remember to regularly check for symmetry as you trim.

Although we think the Chevron mustache looks great on its own, many men chose to style the look with other facial hair. David Beckham wore the Chevron mustache with a small goatee which is a great look. Alternatively, combining the Chevron and a light stubble is a popular and modern take on the style.

How to maintain the Chevron mustache

Due to the full, thick, nature of the mustache, paying particular attention to your hygiene is of significant importance. Regularly shampoo the mustache with good quality beard shampoo to keep it looking and smelling amazing.

Dependent on the rate your hair grows, trim the mustache anywhere between every other day, and once per week. Carefully use your mustache comb and a pair or small, sharp scissors to do this. Trim in very small increments taking off the shortest amount of hair at a time.

Ensure the rest of your face is also maintained, be that keeping it cleanly shaven or looking after whichever facial hair style you have chosen.

Final thoughts on the Chevron mustache

Overall, we love the Chevron style. It is a timeless classic style which suits any man. Be it a younger person beginning to experiment with their facial hair; or the more mature man that has sported the look for years.

A great, relatively low maintenance, facial hair style.