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How to trim and style the Chin Curtain > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to trim and style the Chin Curtain
Chin Curtain, a Facial Hair Style

The chin curtain beard is often confused with the chin strap beard. However, the chin curtain is much fuller and is more similar to a full beard in many ways, other than the fact it does not have a mustache.

Chin Curtain Origins

This facial hair is worn mostly by married Amish men. So, if you are not Amish and intend on sporting this beard look, then you sure are a man who likes to be noticed. The reason there is no mustache attached to this beard is that the Amish associate the mustache with the military. So, it is important that you keep the upper lip shaved at all times.

The chin curtain looks best on diamond shaped faces. As this particular style helps balance the facial features. As with most beards though, it does also compliment the oval shaped face.

Growing a chin curtain.

There are no fancy styling techniques involved with growing and styling the chin curtain. You essentially need to grow a full beard, then shave off the mustache. For most men, a full beard can be achieved in around 6 weeks.

Some men choose to leave the hair on the cheek natural, whilst others use a razor to neaten it up a little. We think the latter option is best. Most men’s hair will not naturally grow symmetrical, so use your razor to remove any stray hairs and neaten up the border of the beard. If you are worried about getting the symmetry perfect, invest in a beard shaper to give you the peace of mind.

There are no limits when it comes to the length of a chin curtain beard. It seems to be the case that many Amish men decide to let the beard grow very long, whereas non Amish men tend to keep the beard shorter and neater.

Maintaining a chin curtain beard

There is no other facial hair that requires less maintenance than the chin curtain beard. With the exception of keeping the mustache shaved, there is very little else involved. However, we must stress the importance of regularly conditioning your beard, especially if you intend to keep the beard long. As well as conditioning, treat your chin curtain beard to a regular beard oil, which will keep the hair hydrated and looking fantastic.

Be sure to know that if you rock a chin beard, you will most certainly stand out in a crowd and turn some heads. However, the beauty of the chin curtain beard is that it transitions easily and can be shaped into a new style, or easily grown out to create a full beard.