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How to perfect the Chin Strap Beard. > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to perfect the Chin Strap Beard.
Chin Strap, a facial hair style

With the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Stormzy rocking the chin strap beard, there is no denying its popularity. 

The chin strap beard does exactly what its name suggests. It is a very distinctive and unique beard that features no mustache. It is a clearly defined piece of hair which runs around the chin and jawline.

Chin Strap Variations

There is lots of room for variation in the chin strap beard. From the tiniest of chin strap beards being around 2mm in width, known as the ‘pencil chin strap’ to the ‘thick chin strap’ which can be up to 2cm.

The chin strap beard is great for men with rounded faces. This facial hair defines the jawline and gives the illusion of a chiseled face and prominent jawline. However, beware if you have a double chin. The chin strap beard is guilty of accentuating this, drawing attention to an area you more than likely want to disguise.

The chin strap beard does require a little work. But this look can be easily achieved at home with some time, patience, and practice.

How to trim the chin strap beard.

No matter what style of chin strap beard you are aiming for, you will need to start by letting your facial hair grow out. We recommend letting the hair grow anywhere between 1-2cm before you begin styling.

Once you have a decent amount of length on your face, you can begin trimming. Use an electric razor to begin shortening the hair. Do not worry at this point about bringing in the shape of the chin strap beard.

Now the challenging part begins as it is time to start bringing in the shape of the chin strap beard. Use a high quality trimmer to define the borders of your chin strap beard.

Once you have defined the contours of your chin strap. Use a thick, high quality shaving foam and sharp razor to cleanly shave the rest of your face. Pay particular attention to ensuring your neck is clean shaven, which will elevate your look to the next level.

Make sure you keep your sideburns intact. Having the sideburns attached to the chins strap is a key element of this facial hair style.

Chin Straps with a Mustache

Technically speaking, you should not keep a mustache if you are going to rock a chin strap beard. However, if you are adamant that you want a mustache to complete the look, then be certain to keep both the mustache and the chin strap very thin. If these become thick, you risk the facial hair looking like a not-quite-finished full beard.

Chin Strap Upkeep

The chin strap beard requires regular, but not strenuous upkeep. Keep the edges of the hair defined and the rest of the face clean shaven. It should be sufficient to do this 3 times a week, depending on how fast your hair grows. We recommend also regularly conditioning your hair, even if your hair is very short. This will keep the hair soft and looking great.