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Classic Goatee, a facial hair style

There are a huge range of goatee styles. Truthfully, when most people imagine a goatee, they think of a chin beard accompanied by a mustache. But this is not the case for the classic goatee. Simply, the classic goatee has the chin beard, but no mustache.

Why choose the classic goatee

The classic goatee is perfect for a man who does not want to spend a long time at home, or in the barbers caring for his facial hair. It is a relatively easy style to achieve and the upkeep is equally as simple.

Due to its simplicity, the goatee suits a range of face shapes. However, we think it works exceptionally well on men with round faces, as it adds some definition to the chin. Round faces can also appear much younger, so adding this small amount of facial hair can help to achieve a more mature and masculine look.

A goatee should even out the face, achieving balance. The longer the face, the wider the goatee should be. This simple trick can drastically alter the shape of your face, allowing you to tailor your facial hair to suit your needs. Generally, the goatee should be no more than 1cm wider than your mouth.

Shaving for the classic goatee

The first step, as always, is to grow out your facial hair. There is no set time frame for this, ranging anywhere between a few weeks or a few months. Depending on how long you want the hair to be, and how quickly your hair grows.

Once the desired length is reached, it is time to shave in the goatee. Because you are doing such a big shave, ensure your skin is primed for this. Wash the face with warm water to hydrate your skin and open the pores ready for shaving. We recommend using a beard shaving brush to generously lather the shaving foam on your face. This will help reduce any cuts or scratches and result in a much cleaner shave.

Decide where on the neck you want the goatee to end, normally around 1inch above the Adam’s apple. Shave everything below this. Imagine lines running down your chin, around 1cm wider than your mouth. Shave everything from your ears right to these lines. Shave your upper lip, removing your mustache. You should now only be left with the hair below your mouth, forming the goatee.

You should then use your trimmers to trim the remaining hair to your desired length. This is a personal choice and varies drastically between men.

Upkeep and caring for your goatee

The beauty of the goatee is that it does not require a rigorous maintenance program to keep it looking great. Regular shaving and trimming should be simple once you have carved out the shape of the goatee.

We love the versatility the goatee offers, if you are not satisfied with your classic goatee, there is no reason you cannot transition it to one of the many other goatee styles at a later point.