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The Corporate Beard Facial Hair Style

Gone are the days when men in the office needed to maintain a freshly shaved look. If you spend your time and make your living in the corporate world then you may be looking for a way to sport the best corporate beard.

The corporate beard, also known as a ‘business beard’ is perfect for an office environment. The neat and easily maintainable style exudes professionalism whilst complimenting your overall appearance. We love the way the corporate beard compliments formal workwear such as a suit and tie, but also how it easily transitions to work well with casual business attire.

In 2015, it was reported that only 2% of the world’s richest men had facial hair, we believe this trend is now changing and growing in popularity. With the likes of Google’s Sergey Brin rocking his stylish corporate beard.

How long should the corporate beard be?

There are no set rules as to what length, or style is the perfect corporate beard. However, the beard does need to be very neat and well looked after. A shorter beard works well for the corporate world, with the corporate beard normally reaching a maximum length of 1inch.

Some would argue that the corporate beard is a little boring in the realm of mens facial hair, but we think quite the opposite. To stand in an office where the norm has been clean shaven for as long as time, displaying a short but sophisticated beard, takes courage and real personality.

What face shape does the corporate beard suit?

We love the corporate beard as it works well with just about any face shape. However, it does particularly suit oval and triangle shaped faces, as it draws attention away from a more pointed chin. It does not add any emphasis to any part of the face, making it great for all men.

How to grow the corporate beard

We recommend you let your beard grow out for at least 6 weeks. This can be a challenging time as you will want to keep your appearance smart and professional during this period too. Be sure to regularly use beard oil during this period to keep your facial hair in good condition.

Use a good quality razor to shave everything up to your chin. You should not be able to see any neck hair when you look in the mirror. Any scraggly neck hairs will ruin the formality of your corporate beard.

The key to a successful corporate beard is all in the maintenance

Use beard scissors to trim away any wild hairs and tidy up your mustache. We recommend using your beard trimmers at least every 2 days to keep on top of things. Although you want your beard to look effortless, this bi-daily task will keep it look professional and slick, perfectly coordinating it with your suit and tie.

Use high quality oils and moisturizers on your skin to compliment your general appearance. Once you have found the perfect length for your corporate beard, the daily maintenance should not take up much of your time at all.