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How to style the Dallas mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to style the Dallas mustache
The Dallas Mustache, a facial hair style

The Dallas mustache is a bold, striking mustache. To be worn authentically, there should be no other hair on the face.

The Dallas mustache is a popular facial hair style in the USA. It does however require full, thick hair growth. So, if you are prone to patchy facial hair, then this style probably is not for you.

This thick mustache looks great on men with more square faces. The Dallas mustache particularly complements the more prominent lines of a square face.

Preparing your skin for the Dallas Mustache

Like many facial hair styles, you are best to start with a full, thick beard. In this case, particular emphasis is on the thickness of the hair. So, ensure you take great care of yourself throughout the growing process. Although the initial weeks can be a little frustrating and itchy, remaining patient through this process is worth the pay off.

Ensure your diet is excellent and pay particular attention to staying hydrated. This will not only encourage healthy hair growth but will promote hydrated skin underneath. Also, regularly wash your beard and mustache with shampoo and conditioner, as well as combing through often. Once you have reached the 6 week mark, you should be proudly sporting a full beard.

How to trim the Dallas Mustache

First, use your electric shaver to trim the hair on the cheeks, chin, and neck. This will make the later shave much easier. Once the hair is trimmed to a more manageable length, cover the areas to be shaved with plenty of shaving foam.

Define the borders of the mustache with your razor before cleanly shaving the rest of your face. Regularly clean your razor throughout, preventing a buildup of hair and shaving foam in the razor. Pay particular emphasis to shaving the neck, making sure no stray hairs are left behind.

The mustache should run down the sides of your mouth, finishing around 1cm below your mouth.

The hair on the Dallas mustache should be kept relatively long, covering part of your top lip. Comb the hair downwards and use your scissors to carefully remove any extra-long hairs.

Maintaining and styling the Dallas Mustache

Due to the length of the mustache, we recommend trimming with a comb and scissors. This can be a difficult technique to perfect at first, but once you have it mastered it should not take you long to carry out this maintenance. We recommend trimming the mustache a couple of times a week as well as shaving the rest of the face.

For styling, use a great quality beard balm. A beard balm will help hold the mustache in place all day long but keep it looking natural and non-greasy. For something with a little less hold you could opt for a beard oil. A good quality beard oil will help hydrate the hair and keep it looking the best it can. The Dallas Mustache is a style we believe will never go out of fashion. A striking look that works great on a wide range of men.