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How to grow and style the English Mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to grow and style the English Mustache
English Mustache, a facial hair style

The English mustache is very similar to the Handlebar mustache. The distinction is drawn as the Handlebar mustache is twisted and turned upwards at the ends, and the English mustache is not.

As you would expect, the English mustache is a distinguished and elegant look, as this should be understood when considering this as a style. To sport an English mustache and pull it off, it is essential that the hair on your head is kept impeccable, and you are a man who knows how to dress.

The English mustache should be kept long and thin, and the hair should be kept away from the top lip. The English mustache looks best when worn with no other facial hair.

Who wears an English mustache?

The English mustache is generally worn by men who carry themselves in a sophisticated manner, and dress accordingly to this. The English mustache looks great on men with longer faces, as the mustache does a great job of balancing out the proportions.

What do I need to trim the English mustache?

Before you begin trimming and styling the English mustache, there are a few things you should invest in. A good quality, sharp razor for shaving the rest of your face. A trimmer to make keeping your mustache in check much quicker and easier. An excellent quality shaving foam, and brush to apply this. As well as a mustache comb and wax for styling.

How to shape the English mustache

Growing an excellent mustache takes a lot of time and patience, but we think the payoff is worth it. It will probably take around 3 months to perfect your mustache. During the first 4 weeks, we recommend letting your facial hair completely grow out. This process can be itchy and annoying so be sure to treat your beard well. Regularly shampooing, conditioning, and lathering in oil, will keep the hair and skin hydrated.

At the 4 week point, there will probably be enough hair on your face to begin forming the shape of the English mustache. Which means it is time to start removing the hair from everywhere other than your upper lip. First use your trimmer to remove the bulk of the hair, and then use your shaving foam and razor to give the face a clean, neat shave.

Styling and maintaining the English mustache

For styling, when the mustache is still slightly damp, use your beard comb to form a part down the center. Use your comb to encourage the hair outwards and use a great quality wax to hold the mustache in place. Be sure not to twist the ends of the mustache otherwise you will be stepping into Handlebar territory. Although the English mustache can be a little tricky to get right at first, it requires a very simple maintenance routine. Keep the mustache trimmed regularly, making sure the length never passes the upper lip. The rest of the face, including the neck should all be clean shaven.