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How to grow and style the Extended Goatee. > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to grow and style the Extended Goatee.
Extended Goatee, a Facial Hair Style

Rocked by the likes of Jake Gyllenhall, the extended Goatee is a great option for men who take great pride in their appearance. Similar to the Hollywoodian in a lot of ways, the extended goatee screams elegance, sophistication and is a sure way to win the ladies.

The extended goatee is essentially a mustache extending into a goatee but does not have long sideburns. It is important that the long sideburns are removed, otherwise you will be firmly in the realm of the full beard.

Who wears the extended goatee?

The extended goatee looks smart when trimmed short and given the care and attention it deserves. This is why some offices accept that it is a perfectly good facial hair style for the business world, making it a great alternative to the corporate beard. It is versatile in the fact it suits a wide range of age groups, from early twenty somethings to the more mature man.

Like all goatees, it can be styled to suit a range of face shapes. Adjusting the width of the goatee can give the illusion of a wider or slimmer face, meaning it can be shaped to your needs. Due to the design of this beard, it can be a great option for men with patchy hair growth, as the shape and length of the beard can disguise any patches.

Additionally, the extended goatee does not require a rigorous trimming or shaving regime, so great for a man who lacks the time or skills for this.

How to trim the extended goatee

Obviously, you will need to start by growing out our facial hair. This can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks, depending on the speed that your hair grows.

Once your facial hair has grown to the desired length, it is time to begin trimming. The easiest way is to use your trimmer to define the outer contours of the beard. Follow your trimmer around the cheeks, defining the outer border of the beard. This should be done in small strokes to ensure symmetry of the face.

Once you have defined the borders of your extended goatee, it is time to shave the cheeks. A neat, clean shave will keep your goatee looking slick. Use a trimmer to trim the goatee, resulting in a neat and even finish.

It is important to keep the neck shaven also, and we recommend the lower border of the beard being no lower than 1inch above your Adam’s apple.

Maintaining the extended goatee

The beauty of this facial hair style is that it should not take more than a few minutes of your day to upkeep. Simply shave the cheeks and neck and trim the goatee. We recommend combing the extended goatee every morning to keep it tangle free and looking great. Regularly using beard oil will prevent the hair from looking wiry, and also help to hydrate the skin underneath.