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How to style the perfect French Fork beard. > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to style the perfect French Fork beard.
French Fork Beard, a facial hair style

Although the French Fork beard style is part of the full beard family, it has a clear, distinctive, and unique look. The French Fork beard is normally worn by a man who has experimented with different beard styles and is looking for something fun and unique to turn his hand to. So, although it has a cult following of younger guys, this beard is considerably more popular among the more mature men.

The French Fork beard essentially consists of a full beard which has been parted down the middle, forming the characteristic French Fork style. 

The French Fork beard is a very casual beard style and will not be judged as appropriate in most corporate offices. Similarities can be drawn between the French Fork beard and the Jack Sparrow beard. However, the Jack Sparrow beard obviously has the braids and beads which are missing from the French Fork beard.

We recommend pairing the French Fork beard with a well-groomed mustache, which can elevate the beard and take it to the next level. A handlebar mustache looks particularly great paired with the French Fork beard.

How to grow a French Fork beard

Many men rock a French Fork beard at varying lengths, some keep the hair relatively short whilst others rock a long beard. Either way we recommend growing your beard out for 6-8 weeks before you begin to style to French Fork.

The sideburns should be kept wide, and a curved line should be created to the cheek line, where the beard and mustache meet. Everything above the cheek line should be shaved closely, to prevent the look becoming untamed.

Styling the French Fork beard

In order to style the iconic French Fork, ensure you have thoroughly conditioned the beard, injecting hydration to ensure it is in the best condition possible. Use a beard wax to divide a part down the center of your beard, creating an upside-down V shape. You can then take your scissors and begin trimming away to carve out the V shape, bringing the iconic French Fork to life. You do not need to cut too deep into the beard, but we recommend at least 2cm.

The French Fork looks great when left to do its own thing, creating a wild and unruly biker look. However, we prefer the look a little more well-groomed and tamed. Use a beard balm or wax packed with essential oils to style your beard and define the parting down the center of the beard. A heavier wax will create a more styled fork. If you prefer a more relaxed and casual style, opt for a beard oil.

Who the French Fork Beard is good for

Do not be fooled that the French Fork beard is reserved for the biker guys around us only. Brad Pitt famously sported the French Fork back in 2013, and this facial hair style has been growing in popularity ever since. If it is good enough for Brad Pitt, then it is good enough for us.