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Fu Manchu, a facial hair style

About the Fu Manchu

For the man who likes to make a statement with his facial hair, the Fu Manchu is for you. Taking its name from the fictional Chinese villain Dr. Fu Manchu, this mustache is extremely unique.

Similar to a Horseshoe mustache, the Fu Manchu style is a full, straight mustache which extends down past the chin. It is a distinctive mustache and requires a lot of care and attention to keep it looking great.

Who wears a Fu Manchu Mustache?

If you are wearing a Fu Manchu mustache you probably have some affinity with an oriental way of living. The Fu Manchu is a unique and daring facial hair style, so it tends to be worn by more extroverted men who love to stand out in a crowd.

Any man who wears a Fu Manchu mustache has probably experimented with many different facial hair styles and loves to try new things. Sporting the Fu Manchu beard also shows you are probably not working in the corporate world, as this style will not be accepted by most offices.

How to trim the Fu Manchu mustache

The Fu Manchu is not a difficult facial hair to grow, but it does take time. The average man grows facial hair at a rate of half an inch per month. So, to grow your mustache to a length that surpasses your chin, you will be required to have a great deal of patience.

Throughout the growing process, keep all other hair on your face cleanly shaven. It is important that there is no other facial hair, otherwise the Fu Manchu mustache will completely lose the shape. Regularly trim the Fu Manchu mustache; the secret to the success of this style is keeping the mustache hair very thin.

For styling, use a high quality facial hair wax to run through the hair. Be sure to only use a very small amount as the hair should be extremely thin.

Maintaining the Fu Manchu mustache

The Fu Manchu mustache requires a great level of upkeep. Leaving the facial hair for more than a few days without trimming and shaving will result in a very unkempt and unattractive look. We recommend shaving the rest of your face every other day to keep the style looking great. Use scissors to trim the length of the actual mustache, however this is only likely to be needed once or twice a month.

When you feel that you have outgrown the Fu Manchu mustache, it can be a difficult beard to transition into a different style. Therefore, we recommend completely removing the facial hair and going completely clean shaven. This will give you a great foundation to begin growing any other type of beard or mustache.

Adding variation to the Fu Manchu mustache

As eccentric as this facial hair style is, extra twists can still be added to the Fu Manchu mustache. This is often done with the addition of a soul patch. The soul patch can either be kept short and trimmed or grown out to the same length as the mustache.

Alternatively, some men choose to braid the mustache hair, making an already unique style even more exceptional.