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The Garibaldi Beard, a facial hair style

This impressive style of facial hair is named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was instrumental in the unification of Italy in the 19th century. Simply, the Garibaldi beard is a full, long beard which is flattened off at the bottom, complimented by a mustache.

Origins of The Garibaldi Beard

The garibaldi beard epitomizes masculinity, manly enough for UFC fighter Conor McGregor. The Garibaldi beard is perfect for strong men who take pride in their appearance. The Garibaldi beard is sported by men who spend time in the gym, and generally those who show off a larger frame and taller build.

The Garibaldi beard is usually longer and fuller than most beards but should be no longer than 20cm. This beard is also individual in the fact it should be rectangular in shape, so requires a great amount of time, love, and careful trimming.

How to grow the Garibaldi beard

Being part of the full beard brotherhood, the Garibaldi beard does require a lengthy period of growth before it can begin to be shaped. We recommend around 6-8 weeks of growth before you begin to shape your facial hair into a Garibaldi beard.

As the beard grows long, it will naturally become narrower at the bottom. This is where the trimming becomes even more important, regularly trimming to create a ‘flatter’ bottom, shaping the iconic Garibaldi style.

Although this beard is the most rugged and natural of the beard family, it is key that you keep your mustache in check, to prevent the whole look from becoming unkempt.

Because the Garibaldi beard is famously dense and manly, there is no need to trim the neck hair. Neck hair will form the base for the beard to sit on.

Maintaining the Garibaldi beard

As your beard gets longer and heavier, split ends and damaged hair becomes more likely. Be sure to use top quality beard oils and waxes to keep your beard slick. Balancing the rough and rugged garibaldi style but still making the ladies swoon.

To compliment the Garibaldi beard, it is very important that you keep the hair on your head in check. This facial hair ties in your whole look, showing you take pride in your appearance. Keeping the hair on your head short and tidy, or even completely bald, allows your beard to steal the show.

The Garibaldi beard suits a range of face shapes and should be worn with confidence. However, if you have a particularly round face, this style of facial hair can emphasize that, so you may want to steer clear of such drastic facial hair.