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Goatstache, a facial hair style

Styling the goatee and mustache combination

Worn by Orlando Bloom, Heath Ledger and Brad Pitt, the Goatstache combination is extremely popular. The goatee with mustache is often confused with the full goatee, but there is one clear distinction. For this style, the mustache must be clearly separated from the rest of the facial hair.

The combination of the goatee and the mustache is one of the most popular facial hair styles. This must be due to the fact it looks great on just about every single face shape. We are yet to find a man this famous style does not suit. 

Why choose the goatstache?

For men who want to wear some facial hair, but do not want the hassle of maintaining a full beard, the goatee and mustache combination is a great option. This facial hair style is also great for a man who loves to experiment with his beard. By separating the mustache from the actual goatee, it allows you to play around with the mustache style. The flexibility to regularly change your mustache style keeps the look fun and playful.

How to trim in the goatee and mustache

As with all facial hair styles, you are best to allow your beard a few weeks of growth before you begin shaving and shaping. Whilst the beard is growing, be sure to use plenty of beard oil to keep the hair hydrated.

Once you have reached the desired length, begin removing hair. You will want to ensure your cheeks and neck are clean shaven. Keep your sideburns at a length that best compliments your face.

At this point, decide whether you want to keep your soul patch. We think this facial hair looks great with a soul patch, but it is definitely a personal choice.

At this point you can decide how to trim and style your mustache to compliment the goatee. Be sure to use a comb whilst trimming your mustache, as this will aid you greatly with keeping the style neat.

Advice for looking after your goatstache

When styling, do not be tempted to use the products you would use for the hair on your head, for your facial hair. Your skin will react very differently to your scalp, and you risk creating extreme irritation and causing your skin to break out.

Even if you have decided to keep your goatstache at a relatively short length, regular combing and brushing is important.  With a long beard, combing prevents the beard getting tangled, matted, and unmanageable. But with short facial hair, you can use your comb to manipulate the hair into a shape you prefer and lay a parting into the hair. This is great for men who are experimenting with their style.

Even if you are keeping your goatee and mustache very short, we recommend regularly conditioning it. This will prevent the hair from looking wiry, and also keep the skin underneath feeling soft. If you are a man who suffers from an itchy face when growing out a beard, then using conditioner more often may be the answer to your problems.