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How to rock the Gunslinger Mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to rock the Gunslinger Mustache
Gunslinger Mustache, a facial hair style

About the Gunslinger mustache

So, you have considered the Cowboy Mustache, maybe even the Wild West Mustache, but how about the Gunslinger? The Gunslinger Mustache is actually very similar to a handlebar mustache, but slightly more rugged.

This look appears natural but does require a little time each morning to perfect. This style strikes a great balance between relaxed and elegant, transitioning effortlessly from day to night. 

Who wears the Gunslinger mustache?

For a great Gunslinger mustache, thick and healthy hair growth is required. If you are a man who suffers from patchy facial hair, then this style is probably not for you.

This style suits a range of face shapes, but like most styles it looks particularly good on men with oval shaped faces. The Gunslinger mustache will be spotted in just about any western movie and is very popular among those movie fans.

How to trim the Gunslinger mustache

This style is most easily perfected when starting from the point of a full beard. Use your trimmer to trim the length of the beard, before taking your razor for an all over shave.

Shave all areas of your face including the neck, chin, and cheeks, but be careful to avoid the mustache. The mustache should reach the corners of the mouth and then extend upwards, similarly but arguably more dramatically than a Handlebar mustache.

The Gunslinger mustache will take a few weeks to reach the perfect length, but throughout this process be sure to take great care of it. Regularly apply beard oil and comb through to prevent any knots occurring.

The Gunslinger mustache requires daily styling with beard wax. The ends of the mustache should point upwards. This style can be somewhat to achieve at first, but with practice you will be perfecting the look in little time.

Pairing the Gunslinger with a beard

Although the Gunslinger looks great on its own, many men choose to pair a beard with the style. It can be great if you prefer a little less upkeep, as we all know regular shaving can begin to feel like a chore at times.

However, due to the thickness of the mustache, it is essential that the beard is equally as full and thick. A patchy or short beard would not complement the style and would make the face look unbalanced. Be sure to also take great care of the beard, regularly trimming and oiling. This will keep the whole look more refined and sophisticated.

Transitioning from the Gunslinger mustache

As the Gunslinger is a full, thick, mustache it can be transitioned into another style easily. Be that into a handlebar, petite or otherwise. You can choose to add or remove the beard, or make it look a little more rugged by transitioning into a Wild West mustache.

The possibilities are endless.