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How to grow and style the perfect Hollywoodian beard > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to grow and style the perfect Hollywoodian beard
The Hollywoodian Beard, a facial hair style

The Hollywoodian beard is also known as the extended goatee. It is essentially a goatee, joined to a beard, without sideburns. This Hollywoodian style has been donned by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale.

The Hollywoodian beard is great for men who do not want a full beard but want to rock something sophisticated as well as vintage. Choosing this facial hair shows you take pride in your appearance as it is one of the more difficult to achieve beards.

In 2020, the Hollywoodian beard is making a comeback and it is no longer reserved for the stars of the big screen.

Who does the Hollywoodian beard suit?

Men with patchy beard hair are best to avoid this style, the precise nature of this style of facial hair means it will draw attention to the bald areas.

This beard works great on a wide range of face shapes. Faces which are chiseled with prominent cheekbones look particularly good with this beard style.

How to grow the Hollywoodian Beard

A Hollywoodian beard is one of the few beards we recommend that you consider taking a visit to your barber. It is possible that you will be able to shape yourself a great Hollywoodian beard, but this can be challenging.

To begin, let your facial hair grow out for around 4 weeks or until there is a decent amount of hair on your chin. If you begin trimming and attempting to shape whilst the hair is still short, you may end up shaving away too much hair and as a result having to shave the whole thing off and start over.

Remember, there are no sideburns in the Hollywoodian beard, so you will want to shave the hair between the top and bottom of your ear on each side.

This beard is great for adding emphasis and definition to your jawline. So, shave the hair clean on your neck, leaving no hair any lower than 1cm below your jawline.

A soul patch is an essential part of the Hollywoodian style and takes a fair amount of  care and attention to get right. This is the part where mistakes are most likely, so be sure to take great care. You will need to trim around the ‘soul patch’ creating a rectangle of hair under your bottom lip.

Trim any remaining hair using either your beard trimmers of scissors to clear away any long stray hairs.

Maintaining your Hollywoodian beard

Trim the beard regularly, usually twice a week depending on how fast your hair grows.

Use beard oil daily to keep the hair healthy and hydrated. If you are planning on keeping your Hollywoodian beard long, then invest in a good quality beard wax to help keep it in check.

The Hollywoodian beard needs crisp, sharp edges so be sure to regularly use a razor to clean up the edges.

The Hollywoodian beard does require a little more maintenance than some other styles of facial hair. But we believe the payoff is worth it. Also, when you get tired of your Hollywoodian beard it can easily transition into either a corporate beard or even a full beard.