The Horseshoe Mustache

Horseshoe Mustache & Soul Patch, a facial hair style

How to rock the Horseshoe mustache

Often referred to as the Hulk Hogan mustache, the Horseshoe mustache is a statement to say the least. This facial hair style was popular among cowboys and features two long pieces of hair coming down from either side of the mustache. This hair often extends to the length of the chin, forming an upside down U shape on the face.

Who wears the Horseshoe mustache?

Aside from the world famous wrestler, the horseshoe mustache is worn by a plethora of men. This facial hair style was hugely popular in the 1970’s but appears to be making a comeback for the 21st century.

The Horseshoe mustache particularly suits men with rounded faces. If you have a square or oblong shaped face, it is probably best to avoid this look.

How to get the Horseshoe mustache

The nature of the Horseshoe mustache means that you are going to have to deal with a messy looking beard for a few weeks before you can begin to style this look. We recommend growing out a full beard before trying to shave in the shape of the Horseshoe mustache. It takes around 6 weeks for the average man to grow out a full beard. 

Throughout this growing process, be sure to take great care of your hair. Regularly shampoo and condition the beard, as well as using beard oils after washing to keep the hair hydrated and in great condition. Keep the mustache trimmed to ensure it does not pass over the upper lip. There is no need to trim the rest of the beard at this point.

Once your hair has reached a sufficient length, it is time to bring in the shape of the Horseshoe mustache. Define the bottom of the mustache, which should not be lower than the jawline, and shave everything on the neck up to this line.

Shave the cheeks ensuring everything from the sideburns to the edges of the Horseshoe hair is removed. Then, shave the chin itself. At this point the true shape of the Horseshoe mustache should shine through.

Maintaining the Horseshoe mustache

The key to a successful horseshoe mustache is keeping it neat, tidy, and well defined. This is why regularly trimming your Horseshoe mustache is integral. We recommend doing this at least twice a week, as once the facial hair begins to grow out it can quickly lose its shape.

Carefully trim the hair above the upper lip, try to trim the hair away in small increments, as this will reduce the risk of any mistake.

Remember to keep the skin on your cheeks, chin and neck hydrated, as this will keep them looking great and reduce the risk of any skin irritation.

Not quite ready for the Horseshoe mustache?

If you want something a little tamer, but like the look of the horseshoe, you could try the half Horseshoe mustache. Also known as the Dallas mustache, this look has been rocked by the likes of Paul Rudd.

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