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Growing and styling the Hungarian mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > Growing and styling the Hungarian mustache
Hungarian Mustache, a facial hair style

If you love the look of a handlebar mustache, then why not give the Hungarian mustache a go? The Hungarian mustache is a thick, bold look. A huge amount of hair on the upper lip, twisted upwards at both ends to create a striking facial hair style.

Who wears the Hungarian mustache?

The Hungarian mustache is worn by a man who is not afraid to turn a few heads. This mustache is daring; normally worn by a man who has experimented with various facial hair styles.

The Hungarian mustache looks great on men with square faces. A square face provides a base for such a strong look. This mustache takes a decent amount of styling and upkeep, so should be reserved for men who have the time available to dedicate to their facial hair.

How to get the Hungarian mustache

Due to the nature of the style, the Hungarian mustache takes a great deal of time to grow. Usually, men will transition into the Hungarian mustache from a standard Handlebar mustache. However, if you are growing from a cleanly shaven face, then expect a minimum of a 12 week wait for the hair to reach the required length.

Allow the hair on the upper lip to grow out at least 1cm further than the edges of the mouth. The hair should then be curled upwards. The key to the success of the Hungarian mustache is in its size. The width of the hair should be grown as wide as possible.

The rest of the face should be kept cleanly shaven, which will further enhance the Hungarian mustache. The neck, chin and cheeks should all be shaved, and the sideburns should be kept short, neat, and tidy.

Investing in a good quality shaving foam and razor will help reduce irritation from regular shaving. Also, be sure to use alcohol free moisturizer after every shave to keep the skin feeling great.

Styling the Hungarian mustache

For styling, you will need to invest in a good quality, strong beard wax. The ends of the mustache need to be curled upwards, creating a striking appearance. Perfecting this style may take some time and work, but the payoff will be worth it.

Do not be afraid to use a generous amount of wax, it is definitely required to give this look an all-day hold.

Be sure to shampoo your mustache well every morning, ensuring all traces of styling products are removed before you begin restyling the look.

Maintaining the Hungarian mustache

The growing process is by far the most difficult stage of this look. Maintaining the mustache should not actually take up too much of your time.

Ensuring the rest of your face is shaved should be your priority, paying particular attention to any stray hairs on the neck which can hinder the overall look. The mustache does need to be trimmed, but this will probably not be needed more than once a week. Ensure the hair does not pass over the upper lip, as this will hinder the sophistication of the overall look.