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How to perfect the iconic Cowboy mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to perfect the iconic Cowboy mustache
Cowboy Mustache, a facial hair style

About the Cowboy mustache

The Cowboy mustache is about as rugged as it gets. It is a long, usually slightly untamed, mustache. Representing only the most masculine of men, the Cowboy mustache will always be a firm favorite among a select group of individuals.

The Cowboy mustache is essentially a bigger and better version of the Chevron mustache.

Who wears the Cowboy mustache?

Well, the name pretty much sums up who wears this facial hair style. It is sported by cowboys, those who want to be cowboys, and those who love cowboys. The look is rugged and untamed and will definitely not be accepted in most office environments.

This look is worn by men who care very little for what others think of them. Although those in your inner circle should give the facial hair the respect it deserves, others may voice their often not-so-nice opinions on the look as a whole.

The Cowboy mustache particularly complements men with triangle shaped faces.

What do I need to perfect the Cowboy mustache?

The first thing you need for a great Cowboy mustache is thick, healthy facial hair. There are a plethora of things you can do to encourage fast growing hair such as eating a protein rich diet, a solid exercise routine and staying hydrated.

Additionally, there are a few tools you will need to have in order to perfect this facial hair style.

You will need a high quality, sharp razor. The mustache should be the only hair on your face so you will be regularly shaving the rest of your face. Additionally, a good shaving foam will make shaving much easier, reducing irritation and keeping your skin looking great.

You will need a fine toothed mustache comb, and some small grooming scissors. These are both essential for regularly trimming the length of the mustache.

Finally, a beard oil packed with essential oils, and optionally some beard wax, if you prefer a slightly more styled look.

How to grow the Cowboy mustache

Due to the fullness and thickness of the cowboy mustache, you should start from the position of a full beard. We then recommend taking your trimmers to remove some of the weight from the beard. Do not touch the mustache hair at this point.

Prepare your skin for shaving by cleansing with cool water. This will help open the pores and should reduce tugging when shaving. Lather the face generously with shaving foam. Take your time to cleanly shave everywhere on your face other than the mustache. Rinse with warm water after the shave.

Use your comb to brush down the mustache and your scissors to trim away any particularly long hairs. Keep the hairs in the center of the mustache slightly shorter and taper them longer towards the corners.

A slightly more sophisticated look

If you are a fan of the Cowboy mustache but feel like your lifestyle requires something a little tamer, there is an option for you. In a similar fashion to the handlebar mustache, you can take a little beard wax and run it through the ends of the mustache. Use the beard wax to twist the hair and encourage it upwards. This small amount of work can dramatically change not only the mustache, but the entire look.