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How to grow and style the Imperial mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to grow and style the Imperial mustache
Imperial Mustache, a facial hair style

The Imperial mustache falls into the same brotherhood as the Chevron mustache and the Handlebar mustache. This style is a great way to sport facial hair whilst remaining elegant and sophisticated.

The Imperial mustache is a thick, full mustache which continues up the cheeks and curls at the edges, as a handlebar mustache would. It is a striking, bold, yet somewhat refined look.

Who wears the Imperial mustache?

To be a suitable candidate for the Imperial mustache, you must have thick hair growth on your upper lip. If your hair growth is thin or patchy, then the Imperial is probably not for you.

The Imperial mustache flatters most face shapes but looks particularly good on square faces. The shape and size of the Imperial mustache helps to complement and balance the features of a square face.

Men who wear the Imperial mustache ooze confidence. Wearing this facial hair is a statement, and the man who wears it will not be afraid of turning heads in every room he walks into.

How to grow the Imperial mustache

The Imperial mustache requires a heavy amount of hair above the top lip and across the upper cheeks. We understand this can look a little strange to grow out on its own, so the best option is normally to grow out a full, thick beard before trimming and shaving in the imperial mustache.

Once your hair has reached a sufficient length, use your trimmers to begin removing the excess hair from the cheeks. Using an electric trimmer before having a shave will help reduce tugging and difficulty at the later point.

Be sure to use a good quality shaving foam and sharp razor when removing the rest of the facial hair. This should aid an irritation free shave leaving your skin feeling soft and looking great.

Styling the Imperial mustache

Use your mustache comb to create a parting down the center of the mustache. Brushing in this parting daily will begin to train the hair to sit in the position you want it to.

The key to the Imperial mustache is the twisted, turned up edges. This takes the look to a whole new level of eccentricity. You will need to purchase a high quality beard wax to twist and hold the unique shape of the mustache.

Use a small amount of wax in the center of the mustache, applying a great deal more to the edges, when twisting the hair. This may be tricky to perfect at first, but with time and practice you will easily master the technique required.

Final thoughts on the Imperial mustache

The Imperial mustache is bold, striking, and if styled correctly, sophisticated. It is a mustache that requires daily styling, and a great amount of patience to grow out. However, we believe this time and effort is worth it. There are very few facial hair styles that come close to the Imperial mustache.