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Star Trek Klingon Beard, a facial hair style

The Klingon Beard epitomizes the fact that there truly is a beard to suit anyone. Whether or not you are a super fan of Star Trek is beside the point. Even a casual watcher will be familiar with the Klingon Race, and the specific facial hair that comes along with it.

The Klingon beard works particularly well on rectangular faces. But let us face it, if you are basing your beard style from Star Trek, you are probably unfazed by which face shape it looks best on.

How to grow a Klingon Beard  

The Klingon beard looks best at a medium length, so grow out your beard for around 4 weeks before beginning to style. This timeframe may be shorter if your hair grows exceptionally fast.

The hair on your upper lip should be completely removed. Due to the length you have grown your facial hair to, we recommend trimming this with your electric razor before giving it a clean wet shave. The same process should be done for your cheeks once you have defined where the upper limit of the chin strap beard will be.

Your beard should form a chin strap, connecting both sideburns to each other running the length of your jaw. We think it looks best when the chin strap is kept somewhere around 3cm in length. Everything from the jaw downwards should be clean shaven. It is imperative to keep the neck clean shaven to emphasize the shape of your Klingon beard.

The Klingon Beard is similar to the Brett beard in that it features the combination of the chin strap and the soul patch. But additionally, there should be two additional pieces of hair, running from either side of your mouth. These should run vertical and join the chin strap.

Klingon beard alternatives

For a more muted version, these should run exactly downwards. These, together with the soul patch, creates three upright pieces of hair coming from the beard.

Alternatively, and more authentically, they can be shaped to form a V shape around the mouth. With the top starting just higher and wider than the corners of your mouth. If you chose the latter option, do not feel pressured to precisely shave the soul patch. A more rugged and untamed look will make the overall beard more genuine.

Maintaining the Klingon Beard

As the Klingon beard is a medium length beard, it does not require a meticulous maintenance routine. It is important to keep the upper cheeks and neck cleanly shaven. But the beard only needs to be trimmed once or twice a week. A versatile beard that looks surprisingly great at a range of lengths.

It is also very simple to transition the beard into many other styles such as a Chin strap or a Brett beard, so have some fun experimenting with your facial hair style.