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Natural Mustache, a facial hair style

About the Natural mustache

As the name suggests, the Natural mustache is a facial hair style which requires very little effort. It is a no-nonsense mustache that is kept at a medium size and looks best worn with no other facial hair.

The Natural mustache is a hugely popular mustache style. It allows men who are just beginning to experiment with their facial hair the opportunity to play around, without having to worry about a full beard.

The Natural mustache also provides a great base for men who may wish to experiment with other styles of mustache. Either growing out the mustache further for the likes of the Handlebar or trimming away at the hair to create a Pencil mustache.

Who wears the Natural mustache?

The Natural mustache looks great on a range of face shapes. It is normally worn by a man who does not want to give a great deal of time or attention to their facial hair. The Natural mustache is generally not an accepted form of facial hair in the office, so this style will allow people to draw distinctions to the type of work you do.

Due to the ease and flexibility associated with the style, the Natural mustache is worn by a huge variety of men.

How to get the natural mustache

Whilst the Natural mustache may look impossibly easy to perfect, it does actually take a little time and effort. It is important that the rest of the face is kept cleanly shaven to enhance the shape of the Natural mustache.

Throughout the growing process, which should not take longer than 4 weeks, be sure to regularly shave the cheeks, chin, and neck. If you are starting from a fuller beard, then use your trimmer to trim the hair short before you shave. This will reduce any tugging or pulling and lessen the chance of skin irritation. Always remember to hydrate the skin after shaving with an alcohol free moisturizer. 

It is important to trim the mustache regularly, and the length of the hair generally should not surpass the upper lip. The hair should be trimmed using a beard comb and scissors. This technique can be difficult to perfect at first and requires a great deal of patience. Take your time and remove the smallest amount of hair, trimming incrementally until you reach your desired length.

After a few attempts, you will have the trimming technique mastered. This will probably need to be done once every week.

Rub a little beard oil through the mustache every morning to keep the hair hydrated and looking great. Beard oil will prevent the hair from looking dry and wiry.

Final thoughts on the Natural mustache

Worn by the likes of James Franco and Colin Farrell, the nature of the Natural mustache means that it will never go out of style. This rugged and unpolished look complements such a range of ages and face shapes that it will remain inevitably popular.

If you are unsure about what facial hair style to choose, then first opt for the natural mustache. You can then decide from this point where your facial hair adventure is going to take you.