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The Neck Beard, a facial hair style

In just about every other beard guide of ours you read; we stress the importance of ensuring that your neck is cleanly shaven. We have discussed in great detail through the dangers of your facial hair looking straggly or unkempt if you do not remove the hair from your neck. But here is our guide to the neck beard and how to intentionally grow it.

We aren't here to judge. We are here to give you the information and tools you require to choose and perfect your individual facial hair style.

Neck Beards, will it work for you?

A neck beard adds the illusion of width into your face, and therefore is not great for men with very round faces. However, it can work great on men with diamond shaped faces.

For many years, there has been a huge stigma around neck beards. They have been associated with men who care very little about their appearance and put no time into caring for their facial hair. So, when you are deliberately sporting the neck beard, it takes some love, care, and attention to show those around you, you are doing it on purpose!

Trimming the neck beard

Trimming your neck beard is a very simple process. Essentially, shave everything above your jaw, and leave all hair on the neck to grow.

Considering that everything on your face is going to be shaved, you should care for your face as you would if you were going for the clean shaven face. Invest in high quality shaving foam, excellent razors, and a great moisturizer for aftercare. You may find that the neck beard becomes uncomfortable and itchy, especially during the process of growing it out. This is why it is particularly important to use moisturizer often to soften the beard hair as well as the skin underneath.

Maintenance for the neck beard

To eliminate some stigma around the neck beard, be sure to keep yours in the best condition possible. Invest in a good quality beard shampoo and conditioner and regularly use this to keep the hair looking amazing. Similar to the way Jonah Hill wore it, we think the best way to don the neck beard is to keep it short and neat. Cleanly defining the bottom line of your beard will also help the look appear more polished.

An issue with neck beards is that they often grow through patchy. Which does not help their reputation as being a facial hair of the men who do not really care. As you would when trying to grow a full beard, there are a range of lifestyle choices you can make to encourage thick and healthy hair growth. Most importantly, staying hydrated, eating a protein rich diet, and getting ample sleep. Although not a crazy popular beard for 2020, we need more men proudly sporting the neck beard in a tidy and polished way to reduce the stigma and bring more facial hair into 2020.