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How to perfect the Norse Skipper beard > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to perfect the Norse Skipper beard
Norse Skipper, a facial hair style

The Norse Skipper is a very unusual beard and is definitely one for if you like to stand out in a crowd. The Norse Skipper is beard shaped like an upside-down teardrop in the center of your chin. The sides of this should be no wider than your mouth, and there should be no hair anywhere else on the face.

Who wears the Norse Skipper beard?

The Norse Skipper beard is worn by a man who does not care for other people’s opinions. This distinctive beard shape will turn heads and have the more eccentric men around you question how you did it. This beard looks great on men with round faces, as the length in the center of the face helps create the impression of a longer face.

This is a facial hair style that is popular among men who are into heavy rock music.

How to grow the Norse Skipper

For a great Norse Skipper, there needs to be a decent amount of hair on your chin, so we recommend growing the hair out for at least 6 weeks before you start any trimming or styling. Throughout this process of growing the full beard it is essential to take good care of yourself. Keeping hydrated and eating a solid balanced diet will encourage thick and healthy hair growth.

Once the full beard is achieved, it is time to start trimming. We recommend first going in with your electric trimmers, and trimming all hair on your cheeks, neck, and upper lip. The sideburns should also be removed for the most authentic look. Be sure to avoid the hair on your chin, as this is the hair which will form the teardrop shape. At this point, do not worry about the Norse Skipper style coming into fruition, we are just removing the thickness of hair to make shaving easier.

You should then lather your face in shaving foam, using a beard brush. Take your razor and begin cleanly shaving your face including the cheeks, neck, and upper lip. Here is when you can start to bring in the shape of your Norse Skipper. Define the edges of the hair with sharp lines. Shave in small strokes to get these lines as clean as possible. The edges of the beard should be around 1cm narrower than the edges of your mouth.

Finally, take your trimmers and taper the beard into the iconic teardrop shape. You can do this by carefully removing hair from the bottom of the sides of the beard, without touching the center. This teardrop shape can then be emphasized using beard balm.

Caring for the Norse Skipper

Due to the length of this facial hair style, it is imperative you take good care of it. We recommend investing in a good quality beard shampoo and conditioner, to keep the hair clean, hydrated and tangle free. Regularly combing and brushing the beard will also help the overall look. If you prefer a more rough and rugged styling, then a beard oil will be sufficient for the Norse Skipper. However, if you prefer something a little more polished, a beard balm will help shape the beard and keep it in place all day long.