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How to style the Painter’s Brush mustache > Beard & Facial Hair Style Guide > How to style the Painter’s Brush mustache
Painter's Brush Mustache, a facial hair style

About the Painter's Brush Mustache

The Painter’s Brush mustache, intended to look like a swipe of paint above the top lip, takes a very small amount of work to perfect. Styles such as the Painter’s Brush mustache only take a small amount of time but leave an elegant yet effortless look.

The Painter’s Brush mustache is a more tamed version of the Lampshade mustache. The width of the mustache should not surpass the edges of your lips.

Who wears the Painter’s Brush mustache?

The Painter’s Brush mustache does not require any fancy styling, or any mustache wax. So, the Painter’s Brush mustache is great for the man who does not want to spend heaps of time on their facial hair every morning.

The rounded edges of the Painter’s Brush mustache add a softness to the face, which makes it an ideal style for men with square faces. This mustache is popular among the more mature men. You will rarely see a man under the age of 30 rocking this style.

The Painter’s Brush mustache is great for men who have patchy hair growth and therefore cannot fulfil a full beard. This style allows you to add the masculinity of facial hair without the commitment of a full beard.

There is no one who rocks the Painter’s Brush mustache better than Tom Selleck.

How to get the Painter’s Brush mustache

The key to starting the Painter’s Brush mustache is simply to let the hair grow. The secret to the style looking great is to ensure the rest of the face is shaven. The Painter’s Brush mustache should not be combined with any other facial hair.

This particular mustache should be thick and full, but the width should never surpass the edges of the mouth. Keep everything hygienic by regularly washing your mustache with high quality beard shampoo and conditioner, which will keep your facial hair looking and smelling great.

You will also need to invest in a beard comb. Use the comb to brush the mustache downwards; being careful not to form any parts in the hair.

The length of the mustache should never pass the upper lip. Use your mustache comb and a pair of sharp scissors to regularly trim your mustache. This should not need to be done more than twice per week.

Maintaining the Painter’s Brush mustache

Maintaining this facial hair style is extremely straight forward. You simply need to trim the mustache regularly, using a pair of sharp hair scissors. You can choose to rub a little beard oil through the hair if you wish, but other than this it does not require any further styling.

The rest of the face should be treated as if you are going for a cleanly shaven look. Before every shave lather the whole face with high quality shaving foam. Ensuring you cover the cheeks, chin, and neck. Throughout the shave regularly rinse the razor to prevent any buildup of hairs and foam in the razor.

Final thoughts on the Painter’s Brush mustache

Overall, we love this style. It is great for the man who is just starting out on his facial hair journey. It allows your personality and style to shine through, without requiring a rigorous maintenance and styling routine.